Yang Liudao: "Chen Cheng is a reckless man, but after more than ten years in prison, he has become a bit cunning, just like Chen Guichen."

"Chen Guichen?" Roe-shaped nose leng "who is this person?"
"Is that you just caught the man" Yang Liuxiao smiled eyes suddenly moved to my side.
I quickly drew my head back to my heart and jumped about. This witch saw me just now, so she must know that I am hiding in this coffin now, and I don’t know if she will get me out.
"He is a Chen family, too?" "What are he and Chen Cheng?"
"It’s all Chen Deyang," said Yang Liudao. "Chen Deyang learned Yishan Gonglu from Chen Yuanfang and either gave it to Chen Chengchen or Chen Guichen. In comparison, Chen Guichen’s six-phase skill is quite high, but Chen Guichen’s six-phase skill is outstanding, but it doesn’t seem to be what I want. I think Chen Guichen may get it. Chen Dezhen may catch him more than Chen Chengchen."
"It’s this idiot who just wanted to see this female corpse!" "I let the sly one get away!" he said with a sharp nose and a sharp eyebrow.
Knife eyebrow muttered, "you don’t also see …"
"He didn’t run."
I heard the willows whisper, "Where did he come from and where did he go back?"
Sharp knife eyebrow leng a roe nose immediately knowing smile "I know! He is back in the coffin! "
When I heard that, I knew that the tracks had been exposed and hidden, so I became angry from embarrassment. I just got up and pointed to Yangliu and scolded, "The witch girl, we are already even! But I didn’t expect you to be so vicious after a year! What do you mean by encouraging a group of grave robbers to harm our family while Uncle De died? What do I have against you? "
Yang Liujiao laughed. "Chen Guichen, I just want to hurt you. What can you do?"
"You, you, you bitch!" I’m really going to explode.
"Snoop, Snoop, Snoop, Snoop!"
Willow heard me scold her face and stopped laughing, so she came to my side. I immediately remembered that her face changed when she repeatedly waved me with both hands.
At this time, a dark shadow flashed in the distance, and before the people arrived, the raven had roared with a broken sound and went straight to the willow!
Willow facial expression, a nasty bend mess to avoid the body but quickly toward the distance to the mouth, "you seize the Chen Guichen pressed the Yishan Gonglu fall if he doesn’t say, just kill it! Keep the body for me! "
"I know Miss Yang!"
The willow figure has gone far away, and the shadow just came running after the willow, and when I saw a green shadow, the shadow was getting closer and closer, but it was getting farther and farther away from us.
"What a syren! What exactly is your route? Let’s make it clear! Otherwise, the nail is in love! "
"If you can chase me, I will tell you what my route is! Luo Luo Luo … "
The farther the willow laughs, the more surprised I am by the sound in front of me, because it is Cheng Ge, and the shadow is Cheng Ge!
I immediately understood why Yangliu wanted to leave. She wanted to lead Cheng Ge into not letting Cheng Ge know that I was here!
"Cheng Ge!"
I craned my neck and shouted, but there was no response.
I’m not far from being exhausted.
Knife eyebrow "hey hey" grinned "rabbit cub, stop screaming and no one can hear you when you break your throat … Look, I’ll catch you."
Sharp knife eyebrow said, and walked to my side.
I quickly climbed out and tried it even if I couldn’t run away, but as soon as I pulled it, I suddenly saw that the sharp knife and eyebrow couldn’t leave. The clothes behind him seemed to be caught by something.
Sharp knife eyebrow hurried back to look at me and looked behind him. At the moment, I suddenly found that the female corpse in the coffin had already got up!
Grasping the sharp knife and eyebrow dress in one hand is like Shekou, and there is a strange smile at the corner of the mouth. The flickering light in the corner of the eye is actually Shaqi!
I was so scared that my hair stood on end, and my breath was dry. I really faked the body!
Chapter 11 The murderer was killed by the physiognomist.
The sharp knife eyebrow gasped when she saw the female corpse behind her, and cried, "Oh, Lao Jia really let you say that his mother cheated the corpse!"
Although he is a jerk, he is not satisfied with the corpse, but he must be careful when he really meets it.
When Yan nose turned to look at it, he saw the sharp knife eyebrow struggling to make a body and retreat back to listen to "stab". A sharp knife eyebrow dress had been torn.
Roe-shaped nose hurriedly pulls the sharp knife eyebrow forward and jumps back a few steps, saying, "It’s tough to be aggressive and arrogant! Be careful to hide from her and catch Chen Guichen and get out of here! "
The two men were shocked, but the red shadow flashed in front of them, and when they looked intently again, the woman corpse did not know when she had already arrived!
Two people are slightly one leng that woman corpse "sou" stretched out his hands to show more than inch long nails malicious crime to grasp to two people’s neck!
Knife, eyebrow, roar, punch out one by one, and shake the arm that will reach your female corpse, then take out a pistol from your pocket, pull the insurance and prepare the gun.
The roe-shaped nose dodged from the arm of the female corpse, then grabbed the sharp knife eyebrow and pulled it aside at gunpoint and shouted, "Sigh, you are less gun!"
The sharp knife glared at him and said, "What’s the matter!"
"Chen Cheng hasn’t found it yet. Maybe he will be dealt with in case of saving bullets!"
The sharp knife eyebrow said, "What about this female corpse?"
The roe-shaped nose said, "Take out the earth spirit puppet!"
The sharp knife eyebrow hasn’t spoken yet, and the woman corpse is near again. Even I can feel a biting murderous look approaching him.
Without looking at her nose and sharp knife eyebrow, it seems that I knew the female corpse’s direction. The nose flickered and jumped far away. The sharp knife eyebrow head was not good, but the skill was also very agile. When I rolled on the spot, I took out two things from my pocket and left my hand with a cold light and a short blade. A clay figurine in my right hand was exactly what I had seen before when I met Mr. Tu!
When I see this thing, I doubt that these two grave robbers really are people of different five elements!
The sharp knife eyebrow jumped up with two objects in his hand and kicked at the woman corpse!
This woman corpse in the middle of the chest has a sharp knife and a strong eyebrow, and her short body is light and quickly kicked to the ground.
Sharp knife eyebrow hand with cold light shining short blade quickly pounced on the woman corpse, riding the dagger in the woman corpse skill quickly stabbed the woman corpse chest!
Although the female corpse was fierce, she lost her spiritual wisdom and didn’t know how to dodge the sharp knife eyebrow. The knife suddenly stabbed her chest and there was no handle!
He also pressed the woman’s forehead in his right hand!
The earth spirit seems to be coming back to life after the moonlight glimmers slowly.
"Sigh did a good job!" Roe-shaped nose cheers
This sharp knife eyebrow is really a malicious master, and I have a secret passage in my heart.
"Haha, I always let you die again!"
The sharp knife eyebrow couldn’t help laughing proudly when she heard the praise from the roe-shaped nose. When they were about to draw out their swords and stab again, they suddenly became very painful when they looked sluggish.