The three battlefields have the slowest attack speed but are the first to engage.

The agarwood sword is extremely fast and crashing through.
Hit a bloody handprint
It’s not very regular. The tip of the agarwood sword is covered with blood fingerprints, which is huge enough to crack the mountain power. The blood fingerprints seem to be like a spider’s web.
Los incarnate a slight hum in the mouth and a lotus flower flash in the eyes. Once again, the palm of your hand is stretched out, and the bloody handprint is about to collapse. It is like a bloody rain falling down and pressing on Corleone.
Sun Hao’s eyes are like gods, and the agarwood sword suddenly flies back to Sun Hao’s head. Once again, another sword penetrates the sky and the sword collapses the mountain and rushes away.
At this time, Luo’s charm issued two phantom of the opera, which has been at war with his brother, while Luo’s attention has always been Corleone’s side.
Sun Hao’s agarwood sword is the most powerful of all monks, and Sun Hao’s progress is not slow. It is necessary to firmly contain Sun Hao.
The agarwood sword suddenly flashed into the bloody handprint
Los incarnate eyes flashing red light according to the direction of the agarwood sword impact instantaneous virtual.
Yiqingpoof in front of the agarwood sword has penetrated the blood handprint and rushed to Zhongluo Charm, but the blood handprint is covered with great pressure to Corleone.
Sun Hao god moved through the blood print and agarwood suddenly accelerated and rushed to Zhongluo Charm and plunged forward.
Layers of red light emerged from Sun Hao’s body, and one by one, the fire shield was extremely fast. The last layer was Sun Hao’s strongest defense against the enemy.
At this time, Sun Hao once again offered a defensive bloody handprint, and at the same time strongly drove the agarwood sword to attack Luomei to see who had stronger attack power and who had stronger defense.
Sun Hao and Luo Mei’s interactive means attack each other. At the moment, the two phantom of the opera have engaged with the real person then.
Single-cell continuous bubble package interception was broken by the phantom layer by layer.
Gong Xiaoli’s wisdom fist seal failed to block the phantom of the opera’s dash, and the human ghosting across the road has quickly rushed to Gong Xiaoli’s side.
Seeing that Gong Xiaoli is about to be submerged by the phantom of the opera, Xu Li will wait for the ghost Xi Lan to launch the "substitute stealthily" operation instantly, and a white demon appears around him at night, but the phantom of the opera involuntarily rushes towards the white demon at night and attaches itself to the white demon at night, scratching and biting.
Cold sweat on his forehead at the palace Xiaoli low said "thank you".
Ghost Xi Lan hee hee laughed, "You don’t have to thank me. It’s better to be nice, hee hee …"
Hee hee smiled two ghost Xi Lan smile to a screeching halt.
Just saved Gong Xiaoli, but she instantly found that the kitten was dark blue and Sun Hao’s battlefield changed dramatically, and the kitten and agarwood were in distress at the same time
The first chapter The dead hades post (10)
Flying in the ice crumbs, frost wyrm cracked in sections, and the red tassel ice gun in Xia Qingyu’s hand continuously launched frost wyrm to stop the phantom of the opera.
The kitten’s deep blue speed can’t match the Phantom of the Opera.
The phantom of the opera covered the dark blue. At this time, the ghost Xi Lan was already out of the substitute wood, and his brother was also trying to rescue him.
The demon temple’s young master, Tiger Gaia, is about to be destroyed.
But what makes ghost Xi Lan heart and gallbladder broken is that Sun Hao’s situation also has a huge problem
Bloody handprints overwhelm Sun Hao. Sun Hao’s eyes smell of red blood, and great power seems to destroy everything.
Sun Hao propped up the fire shield like a fragile egg shell meeting a huge stone, and Mars was directly destroyed by blood marks without splashing the slightest reflection.
Soon the bloody handprint attacked Sun Hao’s side and attacked Sun Hao’s last layer of defense. Sun Hao was proud of his five-inch gods.
Three pitfalls have been refined. The peerless God Gang is firm and strong. Even if the bloody handprint is stronger, Sun Hao has the confidence to block it.
The gods moved crimson, and the gods propped up like an umbrella. Sun Hao’s head blocked the palm print.
The bloody handprint crashed down.
God gave a sudden support.
Crashing noise
The bloody handprint stopped, and Sun Hao’s heart was slightly loosened. The tunnel proved to be blocking the sudden change.
One that Sun Hao and Luo Mei didn’t expect to change.
Crashing into each other, it should be that the bloody handprints and the gods actually began to merge, and the two intertwined. Sun Hao’s head kept changing colors and shapes and intertwined into a ball that neither rose nor fell.
Sun Hao slightly one leng in my heart.
With a wave of his huge hand, Zhong Luo’s charm grasped the agarwood sword and threw it outward after a series of explosions, losing its attack power.
When Sun Hao’s mind moved the imperial envoy Aquilaria to fly back quickly.
Los incarnations have laughed hysterically. "Ha, ha, ha, the pitfalls are so beautiful. It’s really God’s help. I didn’t expect to wait for many years and finally give you a pool of blood. Thank you, agarwood …"
Laughing wildly, I read the bloody handprint in my mouth, and suddenly caught Sun Hao’s beautiful god, clenching his fist and pinching it.