Both of them fell to the ground at the same time, and their skin burst and spilled blood all over the floor.

Guo Yi is carrying a dragon and a peacock in his body, and the speed is comparable to that of the Saint Emperor. Just after these people walked around for a circle, four people collapsed.
The whole wasteland has been dyed red with blood, but Guo Yi is spotless. In situ, he is holding a sword and looking at the last three people in front of him with a hint of radian.
Three people, including Ganling, were filled with horror. It was only in a blink of an eye that seven saints fell to the ground. Guo Yi was too fast.
"Answer me a question, and you may not die," Guo Yi said. "Will Xufeng County’s mother be put in the cold?"
The three men looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time
Guo Yi didn’t hesitate to cut the sword directly to split GanLing into two and a half, and the body flew dozens of feet away.
The remaining two people kept kicking their thighs and kneeling. One person in the ground was timid and weak. "The monarch Wenxufeng is not the biological daughter of the Forbidden Emperor."
Hearing this, Guo Yi immediately gave a ponder smile to one leng face. "So that’s it! Interesting and interesting! "
Guo Yi hit two punches in a row to destroy the two men’s bodies. They knelt down and looked up and fell to the ground. Their eyes were still round and open, and they died unsatisfied.
Guo Yi rubbed his fingers and smiled. "I mean, maybe we can go around your immortality. I didn’t say that we can go around your immortality. You can rest in peace."
The buried heavenly sword trembled gently, and 400,000 ghosts escaped like a ghostly wind. When they flew back to the buried heavenly sword again, they left ten bones.
After 400,000 ghosts swallowed the blood and corpses of ten saints, they all entered the semi-sacred land, and four of them reached the first realm of saints, giving birth to sanity.
Guo Yi expects that 400,000 ghosts and ghosts will reach the realm of saints. By that time, their combat power will be able to compete with the half emperor, so Guo Yi can really go sideways, but I don’t know how many saints’ blood corpses will be swallowed to achieve this goal.
A bloody battle shura palace is a bloody battle Sula Wong mansion!
There are a total of ten Sula Wong in the wilderness, all of whom are semi-emperors. This bloody battle in Sula Wong ranks first among the ten Shura kings, but it is ancient. The super big man heard that his realm has reached the quasi-emperor realm, except for uniting the emperor, who is his opponent.
A bloody battle Sula Wong’s greatest pride is not himself, but his son’s bloody battle.
A bloody battle peaked when a teenager became famous at the age of 22 and reached the first day of the so-called land shortage in the sage’s imperial realm. He not only repaired his pair, but also became extremely clever. He once made all the wise men in the land shortage bow down to the wind.
Such a prominent civil and military double Junjie is naturally the dream girl, but in the eyes of a bloody battle, this girl can’t add up to a step invertors princess.
Step by step, Princess Xunzi’s talent is as good as that of a bloody peak. How many days can make her see men even have a bloody peak? In the past, she just listened to her name and didn’t see anyone. She will be married in half a month. Naturally, she will come to meet her future husband.
"Right here in the palace"
It wasn’t long before princess Hua pulled into the gate, and Guo Yi arrived at the palace of Shura in a bloody battle. He found it here with the help of buried heavenly sword against heavenly sword induction.
Chapter 31 A bloody battle
In a bloody battle, the Shura Palace is heavily guarded. Just before the gate, there is a nine-fold array pattern. Only by special methods can the array pattern enter.
And the walls on all sides are densely covered, and even a fly can’t fly in.
This is the master of Sula Wong Mansion, even if the sage emperor breaks into it, it is a narrow escape.
Is Guo Yi helpless going to ask for help Xu Feng infanta that line at the end of the street to a burly man wearing a golden armor with bright SAN mans eyes blood gas strong to roar like a bell.
Holding war spear in one hand and a Xuan Bing box carved with dragon patterns in the other, it is about seven inches long, and several forbidden patterns are burned in the aspect of seeing, even if it is a spiritual knowledge, it will be seen through.
Guo Yi, a man in golden armor, has a little impression that one hundred guards of Princess Xunzi are the first boundary monks of saints.
Guo Yiwang looked at what he was doing in the direction of a bloody battle to fix the gate of Wangfu, and my heart suddenly turned into a light flint when I was happy, so I stopped the man and flew out with his body and fell into a lane.
Li Xuanfa blocked him, repaired Guo Yicai, threw him to the ground, stepped on his chest and pinched the Xuan Bing box in his hand to see what was inside.
"Can’t fight" Chase’s face was tense.
Guo Yi touched the box to carve it and smiled. "What’s in it?"
Chase soon calmed down. After all, he was able to cultivate to a saint’s realm, and his mind was strong.
After looking at the stranger in front of him carefully, Chase added, "Who are you?"
Guo Yi’s foot strength became stronger, and Chis’s ribs were trampled and laughed. "You are not qualified to ask me. I ask you a question. Can you say it?"
Chase felt a hot flame pouring into his body, swimming in every inch of blood, and the whole person seemed to be fried in a frying pan.
After nearly a quarter of an hour, he finally nodded his head.
Guo Yi took back his feet and held up the box in his hand. "I asked you what’s in it?"
"I don’t know, but the princess asked me to go to the treasure house and take what was in it. I really don’t know," Chase said
Guo Yi frowned and said, "Where will this be sent?"
"A bloody battle to fix Wangfu" Chase said
"Princess Buxun unexpectedly came to Shura Wangfu in a bloody battle." Guo Yi smiled at the corner of his mouth and lifted Chis from the ground, patted him on the shoulder and smiled. "What’s the brother’s name?"
"Chase" Chase felt that Guo Yixiao was very strange and made him feel cold.
"Take off your body armor" Guo Yidao
Chase suddenly froze!
Guo Yi shook his head with a sigh and pressed his shoulder. A purple mysterious fire flooded into the golden armor and burst into flames.
After a long time, Guo Yi wore golden armor and held war spear’s box in one hand and held his head high. He walked to the door of the bloody Shura Wangfu and pulled his voice. Lang cried, "It belongs to Chase, who ordered the princess to send something important to the door."
Thick and heavy, and the door was hit by a famous shura. A person came out of the central office to simply look at Guo Yi and then took him into the bloody shura palace.