"Enter the holy pool and run your own cultivation skills!" The beast urged again.

6 can quickly converge and step into the holy pool again. With this step into the lake, it gives 6 can a feeling of changing again. A warm and awe-inspiring energy slowly penetrates into 6 can body through the lake. This energy is milder than it does without any impact on 6 can meridians. On the contrary, this energy is steadily expanding 6 can meridians and staring at 6 can fairy babies.
After accepting this warm energy, the milky fairy baby radiates a faint golden light. For a moment, 6 can consciousness enters the realm of forgetting things and me, as if it were once again in the arms of its mother.
There are so many strange places in the little guy’s body, but he has a golden baby in the middle of the fairy! And the essence of life in the left arm even found out the truth … "The beast secretly surprised and was shocked by 6 Can’s right arm. It’s Lingbao the day after tomorrow! Yes, it is only the Great Sage of Heaven and Earth who can nurture Lingbao the day after tomorrow … It’s a pity that it is incomplete … Look at this sample. Lingbao the day after tomorrow is divided into points. It’s a pity that this small one only has four points. If he has five, he can wield this Lingbao part of the work … "
Beast a few words will actually ShangYangJun reincarnation analysis a thoroughly fortunately, now 6 can consciousness has fallen into two things I forgot, or if he knew that the old guy was missing a part of the reincarnation because of the war clan, 6 can would definitely be looking for the heads of the war clan desperately.
"This little guy really bears a lot of secrets. I hope he can liberate the celestial animals as I predict the future … it’s really sad that the fairy realm should be transformed into a beast …"
After saying this, the beast is not near the holy pool of words and falls into silence again.
After absorbing the moist energy, 6 Can Xiu rose rapidly. Ten days later, 6 Can had the strength of the late fairy, and one month later, 6 Can finally entered the realm of true fairy.
After entering the realm of true immortals, 6 Canxiu rose slowly, but with the holy pool and the warm energy, 6 Canxiu still rose steadily.
Ten years later, 6 can Jin entered the middle stage of true fairy.
Fifty years later, 6 can Jin entered the late stage of true immortality
After 200 years, 6 Can finally entered the realm of Luo Tianxian. At the same time, 6 Can Jin Ying’s knowledge has also been greatly improved. At this time, 6 Can Jin Ying’s knowledge has also reached 200 Wan Li’s terror distance, which is one hundred times normal Luo Tianxian’s knowledge, reaching the middle of Xianjun.
This number is still stable in the celestial world, and it has limitations on the knowledge of gods. If it is in the realm of repairing the truth, the knowledge of the six golden babies may cover the land boundary of Qianlong University, three continents and six islands, the coastal waters and the wilderness.
After 200 years, 6 Can finally woke up slowly from the realm of forgetting things and forgetting me.
"So this is the realm of Luo Tianxian …" When I woke up for the first time, 6 Can felt self-cultivation. "I didn’t expect this old beast to have this thing to directly raise a person from the realm of fairy to Luo Tianxian, even if the three kings didn’t have this thing … No, although it is a transaction, I have to pay a good reward!"
6 Can walked out of the lake and came to the fairy clothes. After 200 years, he pretended that the real fairy clothes had not decayed. 6 Can had to admire that it really stood the test of time.
"Mr. 6 … the elders know that you sent Mr. 6 out of the holy mountain by special order today …" Just as Bai Yi appeared in front of 6 Can two hundred years ago.
"I want to thank your elders … you see …" 6 Can said sincerely to sort out a dress.
"The elders can’t say …" Bai Yi’s huge eyes sparkled with complicated feelings, both gratified and sad.
"What’s the matter? Is there anything you are not telling me? " 6 can one leng had a bad feeling in my heart.
"Mr. 6, I’m really sorry that after you closed for two years, your daughter suddenly burst Luo Tianxian’s realm strength and broke the room where your wife was imprisoned, and the two disappeared …"
"gone?" There are some differences after listening to 6 Can, but there are not many worries that her daughter has entered the realm of Luo Tianxian 200 years earlier than herself. 6 Can is very at ease with her, and since Ye Lingxuan has not died of old age until now, it is obvious that she also has a level of less fairy repair, so that she can make Warcraft skills escape. It is only time for the mother and daughter to find their traces.
"Mr. 6 … please put …" Bai Yi raised four claws and wanted to walk outside the cave.
"Bai Yi! You have other things to hide from me! " Soon, 6 can show the white one’s lost intention. Although Ye Lingxuan’s mother and daughter disappeared, it was a sorry 6 can thing, but such a thing would never make Bai Yi’s eyes feel sad.
Bai Yi didn’t speak, but he lowered his head. At this time, the king’s wind disappeared and left him with endless sadness.
"Bai Yi, let Mr. 6 come to see me!"
Just when 6 Can was not prepared to persecute Bai Yi, a crisp boy rang in 6 Can’s ear.
"Mr. 6, come with me …" Bai Yi heard that children’s language led 6 Can to the hall.
When I stepped into the main hall, there was a big hall throne for the first time, and there was no sign of the beast. Now there is a little tiger the size of a puppy lying lazily on the throne.
"Where are the beasts?" 6 can feel a sudden burst of bitterness in my heart.
"The creation of heaven and earth has its own rules. From the realm of true fairy to the realm of Luo Tianxian, it is going against the sky …" The little tiger boy is crisp, but he talks like a grown-up. "Going against the sky will naturally pay the price. You pay for my father’s life …"
6 Can’s foot stone was crushed into powder again. Although 6 Can has a sense of language in his heart, it is still difficult for 6 Can to control his emotions after knowing the truth.
A fairy emperor may have a higher level, and the life of a strong man will rise to his own name and strength, and it will only rise to the realm of Luo Tianxian. It feels absurd, but it is a more real thing.
"Father was injured by Qing Di, although the realm did not fall, but the strength has been greatly reduced and it is about to go out. Even if you don’t give you a promotion, your father will have less than five hundred years of life …"
"When the beast was injured? How long have you been dead? " 6 can tried to steady trembling body asked.
"He was wounded by Qing Di 20,000 years ago … in 1995 … he died five years after you closed …" Tiger closed his eyes in pain, although he said it was easy to guide 6 Can before.
"Twenty thousand years ago ….." Twenty thousand years ago, even a 6-Can guardian angel was an ability. Because of that kind of injury, it has become a part of the beast, just like 6-Can, even if he used the guardian angel skill on the Second Sword Emperor, the cheek scar of the Second Sword Emperor is still the same.
6 can whisper a turn away.
Although the beast has only seen him once, his compassion for others and his spirit of sacrifice have been deeply touched. He may be a villain, but this does not prevent him from worshipping heroes.
Qing Di 6 can remember this name and remember the name of the wounded orc.
"Mr. 6, it’s just the time when those bastards in the celestial world are engaged in jihad. Would you like to go and see it?"
I haven’t seen anything for two hundred years outside the cave, but I have been waiting for 6 Can for a long time, and I don’t know whether he is waiting for 6 Can here every day or whether he knows that 6 Can will come out today.
"jihad?" 6 Can has a small plan in his heart.
"Small three want to more I go to see the jihad? But it may die? "
Go away! What are you afraid of? None of our animals are old and dead. It is our honor to die in battle! "
Chapter 20 Meet an old friend
Bitter and cold land