His face is like a crown jade, but he is a white-haired Taoist with a kind of princes’ gas, but his words are so gentle that people have to believe them.

I should bully Tianchang and sigh that he lost very badly. Liu Wugong’s legacy was not calculated this time. After Shaolin Tianzheng and Longhu came here, Wudang Taichan kept the que and invited Meng Xiang and Deng Yuping to come to Huanhua Jianlu!
It’s not that it’s only Liuwugong’s action this time. If Wang Li also sent someone to do it … It’s a pity that Wang Li rarely personally sent someone to do it. Most of them were taken over by Liu Suifeng, and Liu Suifeng’s help was even more frustrated.
Except this time … the attack on the Huanhua Sword Sect was a loss and sacrifice.
If Wang Li maybe … should bully the sky with a sigh-he knows that he is interfering in helping to make decisions, even if his status is extremely noble and important as others … should bully the sky and slowly raise his sword and sneer at "you should see that I am not the kind of person who commits suicide"
The great Zen reality also sneered, "You should also see that I am not just letting everyone go."
You should bully Heaven. "Come and get it if you want my life." He was determined to fight with his sword in his chest.
Too Zen reality a smile "but I have exceptions"
Should bully the sky and slowly release the sword-the ant is still greedy for life. He has been struggling for so long to live a better life, more famous and more.
So he asked, "What is the situation?"
Too Zen reality did not answer him, but said to himself, "In recent days, there have been many changes in Wulin, usually the old generation has been replaced by new people or died suddenly and inexplicably …" His eyes swept to Mo Yanxia and others sneered.
"Like her, like you, like the Five Tigers and Pengmen, etc … Recently, there have been riots in the Nangong, the official family, the Qixia Temple, the Chenzhou Yan Family, and the Xueshan School-this must be a help?"
Should deceive day eyes flashing nodded his head, he has seen too Zen reality to ask what it is.
Sure enough, Taichan asked, "If you tell me who each faction should be, you can take your sword and leave here alive …"
Taichan real person smiled and looked at Ying Tian Dao. "How?"
If you want to tell someone your name, you can live-this condition makes you feel very tempted, but you should sigh, "If I knew how much I would like to tell you."
Too Zen reality pupil contraction should deceive the sky and take two steps back involuntarily. He has never met such a fierce murderous look.
"You don’t know?"
Hold the sword tightly if I knew it. "If I knew it, I would have told you," I should bully the sky and clap it with a wry smile.
Keep Quefei turned out when the white shadow flashed that Bai Fenghuang didn’t die. She brushed the dust and went to Tai Chan’s face mask!
Taichan’s "congenital vigorous spirit" has been broken by the natural method, but when he closed his hands, he caught Mo Yanxia abruptly.
Should deceive the sky at this time out of the sword.
He shot this sword out of fear-because he knew that if he didn’t make meritorious service at this time, he would be dead-so he tried his best.
His sword plunged into the cave of "Tianzong" of Taichan in an instant with Mo Yanxia’s dust cover facing the real face of Taichan.
Too Zen roar a fierce clip body exhale Yang "collapse" in the body, he grabbed broken arrow fingers a depression "ding" to bend a section of "whistle" to fly out and into the sky.
Then he grasped two wounds with trembling hands, and his face and skill were all red. His eyes seemed to protrude, and he stared at the distant, far-away gatekeeper and cried, "So it’s you!"
Great changes suddenly came to Liang Dou, Qi Gong, Xiao Qiushui, and Qu Jia’s sisters, together with Meng Xiang, Deng Yuping, Peng Men Shuang Hu, Shan Qi Shang and Si Xue, were shocked, and even Yu Sha and other five people managed to cope with such strange changes.
Too Zen reality sad stagger every step hissed, "you … you are so cruel …"
He died and didn’t keep his promise. People would kill him, otherwise he wouldn’t be so careless and unprepared.
Keep que people smile, he slowly wiped his face, easy to drug slowly revealed a beautiful face, he laughed
"It’s not easy for a butler to deceive you." The young man seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and comfort tunnel.
"Mu, Guan," is the leader of the left-wing school in Wulin, and it is especially easy to work together. If this face is made by an official in an official family, it can be seen that the official family has already relied on help to help them.
Too Zen struggled to look at the past and felt as if there was a beautiful man in the dim light, but he still couldn’t see it clearly. He struggled to tunnel "… where are the keepers of the Que …"
The male seems to be afraid of hurting him, a voice as light as feathers and as soft as snowflakes
"He … I killed … he can’t betray you and choose to lose his life."
Too Zen felt that life had turned away from him, as if the god of life was waiting for him in the clouds in a carriage, and he could set off if he wanted his life to fly. Where is this journey going? Too Zen didn’t know that he felt that his body was light and his eyelids were closing more and more. He struggled to open his eyes and asked
"You … who are you …"
The man was silent for a while and looked at him with a sympathetic look. Finally, he was very careful. He said, "My name is Liulibang, ranking fifth."
Heroes back to Liu Wu for the eleventh time
Liu Suifeng!
This is like a bolt from the blue exploding in everyone’s ears!
Liuda manager
Li Chenzhou’s only confidant!
After Liu Wugong had finished that sentence, he gently sighed and waved his sleeves and drifted away and never looked back.
Maybe he knows that Tai Chan will die, and leaving a Bai Fenghuang in the hall is enough to deal with Liang Dou and others.
The overall situation here has decided that he needs God.
Ying deceives heaven, although he almost betrayed him, but he also died too Zen, and he has no need to start work.
No one can betray him.
-can Liu Wugong never have to do it himself when he doesn’t have to do it
You have to take risks when you start. Liu Suifeng is not afraid of risks-but it is meaningful and necessary to take risks so that you will not die easily.
-and it is easier to be famous.
In life, there is a good name, and the leopard will stay in the skin and the person will stay in the name.
-Liu Wuai’s name
So he also loves beauty, love and money.