At the moment, when seven people see Luo Yu’s trembling arm, they will know that he is a young man, and his eyes are full of sarcasm and disdain. At this time, one of them seems to be the leader, and the black dress person leads the crowd slowly, which is obviously hostile.

As soon as Luo Yu saw that the secret passage in his heart was dragging on for a while, he immediately stopped saying, "Do you want to be a hero?"
Black leader a listen to first one leng smile asked "hero! ?”
But in an instant, he sneered and continued, "His hero wants to kill you ~!"
Black dress person is simply say that finish, then stare at Luo Yu with cold eyes, and suddenly Luo Yu feels like being locked by a wolf, and he is as cold as falling in icehouse! Although slightly frightened, Luo Yu has slowly calmed down at this time, but he is not flustered. At this moment, he can drag on for a while, so his expression is so fearful that he can’t help but go backwards.
At the same time, while Yu Guang looked around for vitality, he never stopped saying, "Heroes have never met each other, and they have killed me because of their hatred in the past?"
Los feathers that ask the men in black also readily ha ha sneered, "there are so many little worm useless talk, but since you ask men in a good mood, I will tell you … to kill you because you are a teenager."
Black leader then pulled out a sword and came forward.
But Luo Yu’s ear is puzzled. You are so unprofessional. You’ve been killing teenagers for six years. Is that a reason? I’m dying. Honestly, will I die? Why don’t you take the pole of’ because you are a teenager’ and give me a perfunctory reason?
But at this moment, Luo Yu can’t think much before seeing the black leader sword. Hurriedly jumped back and shouted "Wait!"
Chapter 22 Black death people fly swords out of the dust
Luo Yu shouted "Wait!"
Black leader zheng immediately!
See this feather hurriedly way "you can’t kill me! Do you know who I am? "
Don’t say this. When the leader in black actually stopped, there was a flicker of doubt in his eagle eyes … It shouldn’t be impatience!
Los feather saw quickly shouted "I am the imperial court is five MingGuan imperial inspector … Besides, the official is not a teenager, but seven out of twenty is well maintained and looks young. Hehehe ~ It will be three years before the thirty-year-old home is full of old wives and children … If you don’t believe me, you can check your bags, official bodies and seals, how can you be a five-year inspector if the official is a teenager? You men even misunderstood since it was a misunderstanding, then go first … "
Los feather said while watching the black dress person see their small talk is to quietly escape but never want to front black leader a drink "live! Full of nonsense and noise? What about senior officials? I say you are a teenager and you are! ….. Blame you for growing a good face. "
Los feather a listen to immediately exclaimed "I’ll go! Is it also a crime to look good …? "
But before he finished, he saw that the sword in the black leader’s hand should be sold out and "Ceng ~" came out with a beautiful arc! Yes, it’s flying!
Luo Yu saw that it was a shock, and all of them took’ Shit! I cann’t believe I used my sword as a flying knife. Xiao Li flies the sword! This is a peerless master. I knew I should ask the King to borrow some masters’ hair … To die, to die … Handsome is also a crime? ……’
Let alone Luo Yu can think of so many messy things at this moment! Just say that this sword is flying, and the sword shadow in his eyes is rapidly magnifying! He knows that it is also a law to hide! Since it’s impossible to avoid it, it’s better to give it a shot. It’s unlikely that we can stop the flying sword, but …
Passing 18-wheeler, I’ll see Luo Yu’s sword in his arm, and then I’ll blow it towards that flying sword! At this time, the’ birthmark’ in his sleeve suddenly flashed slightly! Los feather has entered a wonderful state at the moment.
That galloping flying sword seems to have stopped in front of my eyes! No! It is extremely slow! And the sword in his hand is just right!
"Ding ~!" A gold iron strike suddenly sounded!
Luo Yu instantly withdrew from that wonderful state! Looking at the flying sword that has deviated from the track and inserted obliquely not far from him, he was dazed and immediately looked at his hand, still shaking alone, and his face was shocked!
But at this time, I saw the leader in black reach out his oblique sword with one hand and fly back to his hand instantly. At the same time, he quickly retreated and shouted, "Be careful that this person may be a strong star!"
Luo Yu looks stunned. Which one is this play?
But the black dress person’s face was moving, which surprised him to see that several men in black were all nervous and looked at him.
Luo Yu was depressed. "What are you doing?"
The leader in black asked in disbelief at first one leng, "The elder will deliberately hide? If you are not a strong star, how can you easily block the scale attack? Besides, we all don’t see the elder repair … "
It’s normal for a real man in black to have this reaction. You should know that from low to high, the level of repairing truth is refined into seven realms: Qi, Dirt, Condensing Star, Temple, Divine Shadow, Mystery and Xuanxuan, and the strength of each realm is very different! In the dirty period, they naturally can’t see the state after a week! Plus, he was so easy to block the flying sword, and the black dress person was even more convinced that Luo Yu was the strong one!
At the moment, listening to the puzzling words of the black leader, Luo Yu is not very white, but it seems that the other party mistook himself for a martial arts expert!
Thought of here, Luo Yu suddenly laughed and surprised seven people. They looked at him in panic and horror!
But he is so profound that he wants to reach out and caress his beard … but he hasn’t found a hair after touching it for a long time! Embarrassed to look at a few people a face of smile, "ahem! You found out? Ha ha ha … "
Looking at the moment a face of’ bad’ smile Luo Yu seven men in black suddenly heart thumped! Andao, this Ningxing elder won’t have anything secret to be smashed by them and want to kill them! Besides, they tried to kill …!
Thinking of this, the seven men in black immediately knelt down and said, "This is really a misunderstanding, so please let me wait?"
At the moment, Luo Yu didn’t expect a few people to be so scared! If you want to play again, you can think about it or put it first, so you can say, "It’s not impossible to spare your life … it’s …"
See the seven men in black immediately in the heart a joy hurriedly smile apologetically "predecessors have requirements, but said that hinder me to do what we can"
Los feather a listen to the heart is happy to spend but face is a face of displeasure, "you kill this white horse, I like traveling thousands of miles? This is a swift horse. Pay up the money and hand over the silver. "
When all the men in black heard it, they suddenly became speechless. Do you need this mundane horse to walk instead of walking? More silver? Where do they get silver for monks? Spirit crystal Dan medicine is some …
Suddenly, the leader in black seemed to think of something and asked warily, "Senior, you are a strong star. Can’t you escape to Wan Li for a day?"
Los feather a listen to heart andao this kung fu is too great! Isn’t this a native grandson? But he doesn’t know what this world martial arts is. Look at these people’s skill, Xiao Li’s flying sword is very tight!
Thought of here, Luo Yu nodded, "Yes, that’s true, but I don’t like to hide too dirty … well! ? What are you doing up? "
See at the moment seven men in black eyes full of anger that black leader is holding a sword to hate "how dare you dress up as a pig to eat tiger? You worm, look at Xiuxiu and send you to the underworld! "
With that, the sword flew out of the blaster again!
The form is instantly reversed. Luo Yu is caught off guard. No! The secret passage is really too much to say. This is too much fun! At this time, he can’t cope with the closure of his eyes!
"poof ~!"
The sword goes into the meat! But Luo Yu’s heart is very strange’ Yi ~! Why didn’t I feel pain when this sword was inserted and had it? Don’t the other side of the sword high haven’t feel pain … I have … Dead! ?’
Los feather is to examine a suddenly open your eyes suddenly looked frightened eyes burst open to the extreme! I saw a long sword pointing at my eyebrows half an inch away! The dense cold sunshine actually reflects patches of rare halos!
Los feather see this immediately stiff eyes but also can’t help but slowly move forward with the blade’ this …… this sword didn’t pierce my body which come into the meat? ….. Hmm! ? The leader in black changed his dress so quickly! ?’
I saw a’ fairy’ standing in front of him in a light blue skirt! The female backhand holds the hilt of the long sword pointing at his eyebrows!
And Luo Yu what to say that this woman is a’ fairy’? Look at this moment, the blue dress of the female figure is fluttering with the breeze, and Yunji’s figure is as tall as that of a fairy! SuoLuoYu visual affirmation is a’ fairy’ definitely can’t be what figure killer!
Looking at the female backhand holding the sword in front of her eyes, the whole body is faintly rising like ice! And in front of the black leader forehead at the moment is with a blue sword like ice crystals!