Everyone else is bullying the door. If you don’t resist, when will you resist?

Embroidered bamboo still hung him around Li Yan’s neck. At this time, she posted Li Yan’s ear and said, "Don’t say this to scare the old lady. If others want to take the old lady away, they will not promise even if they die."
Li Yan smiled and held her ass back. "I’m an orphan since I was a child. The only thing I have in this world except a few masters and brothers and friends is you. I want to take care of you as much as possible. Be a man and I will bully anyone who bullies you."
Embroidered bamboo was shocked at the moment. She didn’t expect this guy to look at himself. It was the same when the former Amen was caught. He rushed in alone and rescued himself.
"I don’t care about you in this world, so no one cares about you."
"If you want to follow me to Datang."
"How about being my woman?"
One sentence is simple, and there is no sweet talk to women, and there is a promise from men.
Looking at embroidered bamboo with a man behind his back, I finally know what I don’t like men at this moment, but I finally talk about how this guy bullied me, but I’m not so angry in my heart. On the contrary, she likes this kind of mind to be a woman.
"You this guy old niang depends on you in my life" Embroidered bamboo pursed her lips and couldn’t say how sweet it was.
Chapter five hundred and forty-six Yuan Fu
The capital of the Tang Dynasty is like a maze. Li Yan doesn’t know the way for the first time. Turn left and right and you can’t tell the difference between east and west, north and south. But it’s good to have Yuanxiang to lead the way. Otherwise, even if I tell him the address, I can’t find her home.
Finally, the three of them came to a mansion with a golden plaque and two Chinese characters "Yuan Fu". Next to the gate, there are two stone lions with a height of more than ten feet. But this kind of building is the most normal. It can be regarded as an ordinary family. If those giants are expensive, there must be a big gap.
Yuan Xiang’s face was quite excited. Looking at the familiar mansion in front of her eyes, she inadvertently came up with all kinds of memories of life here. At first, she ran away from home when she was young, but now she didn’t come back until every twenty years. Although twenty years is not a long time for a monk, this miss is getting more and more mellow like wine.
"Aren’t you going to knock?" Li Yan said
Yuan Xiang hesitated for a moment and knocked on the door of Yuan Fu with excitement. The crisp and stingy door kept jumping like her heart.
Li Yan was the first time to see Yuan Xiang so excited. His heart sighed slightly. "It was difficult for every family to chant Buddhist scripture. It was twenty years since Yuan Xiang escaped from marriage and left. Now I don’t know how I came back. Maybe I feel more uneasy than excited. I don’t know what her father is like. If I have a bad temper, it will be another headache."
But Yuan Xiang was a little worried soon. "It seems that no one in Li Lang will have anything to do with his father or that he no longer lives here …"
Li Yan looked at the sky and smiled. "Don’t worry so much. It’s still midnight. Guess your father has rested and wait."
Yuan Xiang nodded his head for a moment, but there was no one at the door. Even the figure was moving and there was no friar. Even if he was resting, he could not sleep so dead. Any movement would be noticed.
"It seems that we are not at home. Let’s just push the door and go in." Li Yan shook to do this, and so on is not the way to push the door directly.
I don’t know what the gate is. It’s heavier than if you add a bolt to it. It’s doubtful that a friar trying to shake it. It’s just that the door is not locked. If you come casually, people can easily break in. After all, the capital of the Tang Dynasty can’t reach the point where the road is closed at night and there is no gleaning. In general, several courtyards will be invited to guard the door.
It’s really rare that there is neither a nursing home nor a door like Yuan House.
Yuan Xiang didn’t think so much. She was excited and rushed in and shouted, "Father and daughter are back …"
But before she finished, she froze. It was still in her memory that Yuan Fu was a courtyard covered with green flags. The courtyard was damaged in many places, and the green flags were exposed in many places. The soil was overgrown with weeds. Occasionally, I could hear a few crickets and some fireflies flying around.
Desolation and defeat give people this feeling, as if they have not lived for a long time.
"How … how did this happen?" Yuan Xiang stayed for a while.
Embroidered bamboo said, "Sister, don’t worry. Maybe the master has moved to another place to live. It’s deserted here. Let’s go to the side and find out if anyone knows the old news."
Yuan Xiang shook his head again and again. "No, my father can’t waste land in the capital of the Tang Dynasty. I don’t know how difficult it is to get a house. This yuan mansion or the ancestors came. Even if my father died, it is impossible to abandon this place unless …" She said that she dared not want to go here again.
"Don’t make a wild guess. People are suspicious here before they enter the house. Even if nothing happens, something will happen to you." He shook his head, which is really sad and sentimental for women.
Li Yan came to the hall and glanced at it. Although it looked like people lived, the table and teacups were actually clean, and the tea inside was fresh. Perhaps the owner here was too lazy to clean them, giving people a feeling of defeat and depression.
"Yuan Xiang, where does your father usually live?"
Yuan Xiang said "backyard …"
"Boom!" Before the words were finished, there was a sudden explosion in the backyard, and then a man coughed, "Hey, it exploded again. How many times has this been?"
Li Yan sniffed and asked about the smell of refined iron, which only comes out when refined iron melts, and generally speaking, some refiners will chat and play with stones.
"Is this future father-in-law still a refiner?" It occurred to him that
At this time, Yuan Xiang got excited and ran to the back yard. Obviously, the sound just now was her father’s. It seems that this future father-in-law has not died of anything special, otherwise it would be a bit tragic.
"Let’s go there too," Li Yan said.
Embroidered bamboo hesitated at this time. "Forget it, I still can’t pass. Go by yourself."
"I’m afraid that I’ll meet you sooner or later, and maybe I’ll live under the same roof. It’s okay. You’re also my woman. I’ll take care of you if there’s anything." Li Yan said that he was also worried that he would come to kiss and bring another woman, but some of them couldn’t say it.
"The old niang will accompany you for a while, and if you dare to ignore the old niang, the old niang will never end with you." Embroidered bamboo snorted and left.
At this time, Yuan Xiang in the backyard was kneeling in front of a wrinkled man with tears. "My father and daughter should not have left my father to run away from home and worried my father …"
"Are you, are you Xianger?" The man was shocked at first, and then he hurried to help Yuan Xiang up. "Let me see if you are fragrant. Hahahaha, you are so sweet. You are finally back. A few months ago, I received a letter from your family saying that you were coming back. I didn’t expect this height to come to me. It’s good to come back. It’s hard for you to practice outside. Let your father see what has happened to you in the past 20 years. Don’t cry. It’s hard for us to meet each other. We should be happy to be happy. I’ll get some side dishes later.