"You and I will give you questioning? If the imperial eagle dog has something to do, come after me and see if your flesh is so weak that you can’t fly! "

"It’s really unlucky to get another good seedling and meet the imperial eagle dog!"
As soon as the old goat turned his head and reached out to take the painting boat away and laughed wildly, "Come after me if you have anything to do!" "
Feng Menglong was frightened at once, but she was stopped by her elephant. This is her elephant’s eyebrows a wrinkly.
"insert the standard and sell the first"
A flash of light gathered between the eyebrows!
The shot is to soar to the avatar!
When the old goat went away, it was time to be elated. Suddenly, his legs disappeared when he bowed his head again!
The sword light tore the sky and soared to the top, and the second avatar wiped his legs instantly!
The old goat was shocked and tried to escape again, but his left arm was erased when he saw it!
He quickly cast spells, and his flesh and blood peristalsis quickly recovered, but a sword light appeared in a moment, and he just recovered and his whole body exploded!
Yuan Shen escaped from the sky out of body experience, but Hou Niang exclaimed that she had fallen into the water. The old goat Yuan Shen was too scared to go back, and Ji Xiang shouted a long time ago.
"Spare your life and go back to reshape your body. Remember to register with the Records Department!"
Feng Menglong dived to swim to save him and went to old frame.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Gusu ghost town
The fallen fairy has never eaten such a big shrinkage. His body was destroyed, and the other party was a Huang Ting. He was killed in a face-to-face manner!
He fled to a temple in the mountain, where the land Lord was eating tribute, and suddenly a strong wind blew in front of the land Lord, and all the fruits and vegetables disappeared, and he was beaten out of the clay sculpture of the temple!
Down-and-out immortalization, a gust of wind conveniently took out some fruits and vegetables of the earth god and took them away, and the world was far away.
"The old man of the land lends you a clay sculpture body!"
The earth god chased the door and shouted abuse.
What kind of ghost dares to rob the earth temple for food? That’s not bad!
The fallen fairy swept away the statue of the earth god and went to a mountain gate temple. After landing, she possessed herself and went in. In an instant, the clay sculpture body was as movable as a living person, but it could not be splashed with water, burned with fire and cut with gold, which could not hurt the body.
The mysterious view is the true Taoist incense in Gusu. Compared with the declining ancestral court in the north, the incense here is still flourishing.
"Which mountain and land are you?"
There is a brother in the Taoist temple who came out to meet and came to ask questions when he saw this clay sculpture god landing here.
Down and out fairy suddenly a glaring clay sculpture body also has three zhangs anger.
"You little dolls can’t recognize the old lady!"
The brothers were suddenly surprised, "Uncle!"
"Down and out! I’m down and out, but your uncle, I’m really down and out today! "
The clay sculpture god flew into the main palace of the mysterious temple, Milo Baoge, and decided that this treasure palace was built during the British Emperor’s reign.
The idol layer of the cornices and towering clouds is the 20 stars around the emperor; The bottom layer is the dazzling ratio of red light in the 60-armor shrine where the emperor of Wandi worships left and right.
No mortal is seen in this palace boundary.
At this time, many Taoist priests were preaching when they saw the clay sculpture gods coming in. The master didn’t even talk about the scriptures. He immediately laughed and pointed to the clay sculpture Shinto that entered the door. "Why have you changed your home appearance again, lonely fairy?"
People around us immediately burst into laughter when they learned that this clay sculpture god was actually a fallen fairy. Some elders said, "Falling fairy, you must harass those talented women again. You are a perfect couple. You are sloppy and dirty. Although you are tall, who will be with you?"
"Although longevity is good, it’s not close to women’s sex, but it’s really a matter of becoming a monk’s heart. You have to break up those mandarin ducks. This is a matter of damaging morality or doing less!"
The fallen fairy suddenly jumped up. "I haven’t harassed those people today … no, I haven’t harassed them successfully!" "
"My body is ruined and I borrowed the clay sculpture of the land …"
"Lend you borrow is not rob? You go again … "
The Taoist priest in the middle of the palace didn’t finish talking, but the green leaves fell out behind the clay sculpture god.
"Going to rob the land Lord again!"
Down and out, the fairy threw the leaf into the clay mouth and ate it angrily, telling everyone what happened today.
The ins and outs are like this!
"I’m also Huang Ting, the Taoist priest of soap clothes, and Huang Ting. He also rebuilt the flesh, but I was ruined by him! He said that he was the master of Taoist records and the person in charge of Taoist affairs. How come I have never heard of this position! Did the Taoist priest have an owner? Isn’t it all managed by Zhang Tianshi before! "
"And the imperial eagle dog when so much! I can understand that those gods who guard the side are high in practice. After all, they are local tyrants. This court records department is coming from Shuntian. It has become weaker and weaker in recent years. Except for the scene in Zhang Tianshi Town, where are there Huang Tingjing figures! "
"I can’t beat him. I beg my brother to make decision! He also said that he would spare my life and register my name with the local missionary society after remoulding my body! I’m a born and scattered person, so how can I leave my real name in the court books and defile my soul? "
Down-and-out fairy wants a preacher to find a venue, and this Taoist is a pair of down-and-out immortals with a fixed eye.