"Well," Lou Bai looked at the sex and ordered, "I’m going to forge double magic weapons, and you can take the road to rest."

As he said, he did not forget to sternly exhort, "Remember that the tunnels are staggered and you should never leave the road, but you should try your best to meet the needs and not neglect them!"
Luo Yu listened to this kind words, but she always felt inexplicable discomfort. She always felt strange …
While sex and double flight are forceful, saying, "My father can rest assured that my younger brother will never leave his side to serve Luo Dao."
Lou Bai nodded with satisfaction. "Well ~ Go."
When the two of them left, he looked at the two respectful figures leaving, and his eyebrows gradually loosened with a sigh.
"Ah ~ I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong …"
Chapter 754 aboveboard line fly two hearts.
In the deep passage of Vientiane Cave House
Los feathers are following silently, having sex, flying together, and walking slowly through this arched passage.
At the top, the night beads are dotted like stars and feet, and the bricks are paved like wrought iron, showing a chill.
The strangest thing is that the relief tigers on both sides are lifelike, especially the tiger’s eyes are staring around like living things. Your angle seems to be locked, which makes people feel uncomfortable and twisted when they pass by.
Step on that ground echoed with crisp and depress footsteps.
At this moment, this zigzag extends forward like a maze channel?
Although I don’t know where the guest house is, I have heard that Loubai has honored the guest house, which is the quietest in the depths of the abode of fairies and immortals …
But in front of me, sex is always walking with yourself and never saying a word.
Seeing this, Luo Yu asked suspiciously, "Is this … is this going to the guest house?"
Sex is still slightly hanging its head as if it had never been heard before, and it’s a light’ hmm’ to move forward silently!
Los feather frown before looking at this increasingly strange’ big brother’
He ….. What is this taboo? What do you care about? Is there anyone else in this Vientiane Dojo besides Loubai?
Suddenly, I thought of Luo Yu, a strange place outside the abode of fairies and immortals.’ Is it possible to guard against the deity!’
Thinking of this, he asked quietly, "What’s the matter with you? ……”
Fierce voice came to an abrupt end, because in front of me, the face was full of sex and rain, and the red cheeks trembled and shook their heads slightly at the same time.
Obviously, this is a wake-up call. Don’t say anything.
At the same time, his bare arm has been raised and kept his distance, and he said flatly, "Thank you, Daoxin, because this passage is four accessible and complicated, and it can lead to the clean room of the guest house not far ahead. Luodao needs to remember that the path will get lost in the future."
Smell this seemingly as usual to explain the feather in the heart is "hitched".
The words "complicated" and "future" are faintly aggravated by sex and rain.
Does he imply that this "complex" means that this place is not as simple as you think? And the word’ future’ is to tell me that I may stay here … for a long time?
Suddenly Luo Yu suddenly woke up!
Don’t ….. Sex is a hint that I LouBai god wants to leave me here?
At the moment, Luo Yu thinks more and more, and thinks that even looking at the tiger carvings on both sides of the wall feels that pairs of tiger eyes seem to be monitoring themselves, which makes people shudder!
If that’s the case, then it’s strange to have sex with each other and alienate yourself … which makes sense, but is Loubai going to do it again?
When I was puzzled, I was one step ahead, and the double flight of sex and rain had stopped. At the same time, I pointed to the fork in the front passage and said as usual, "This left direction can reach the clean room of the guest house."
Luo Yu looked at the right side and asked the passage faintly, "Er … what about the right side?"
Sex and rain fly together and say, "On the right … it’s a forbidden area. Don’t rush ~’ If you enter, you’ll get lost and trapped’"
My eyes are staring at Luo Yu’s heart. Is he waking me up in the right channel … and getting into it is the only way to get lost and be trapped here! ?