"Two human monks? I didn’t expect that there were even human monks who dared to come here. "The wolf demon saw Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun appear in the show and felt a little surprised because he sensed Shen Tengyun’s breath but didn’t find Xu Ren’s breath.

"Where are you from? Did you destroy the front gate of Zhuifeng Valley? " Xu Ren frowned at the Wolf diabolism.
"What if I killed just a few human monks?" Wolf demon face disdain for Xu Ren said.
"This is the hinterland of Daning Dynasty. There shouldn’t be a wolf demon like you. How did you get here?" Real Xu Ren’s heart is still how this wolf demon came. If it was got by people, how did it come? If this problem is not clear, I am afraid that there will be gates such as Fenggu Mountain Gate slaughtered by the demon family.
"You and I are willing to come here. If those hateful humans hadn’t imprisoned me and brought me here, where would I have come here?" The wolf demon gnashed his teeth.
"Even if there are humans who bring you here after you are imprisoned, you can’t vent your anger without the whole gate." Xu Ren frowned and was able to trap the taxiing wolf demon prisoner and bring it here. Those monks should not be weak in strength. I am afraid that there are three immortals in Daning Dynasty who can do it.
"It’s their honor to kill people if they don’t have a good thing to kill." Wolf demon doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with killing himself. For him, human beings are his food and snacks.
"Unreasonable" Xu Ren will treat human beings as food demon race, and there is nothing to say, but whoever is strong and who has the final say will have the right to speak.
"Looking for death!" Wolf demon was knocked on the sap in a bad mood. Although he has slaughtered a mountain gate to vent his anger, he still feels that he is not Japanese enough. Now Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun take the initiative to send the door to him. Where will he easily let them go?
Swish swish swish-
Wolf demon claws suddenly waved a dozen times, each time there are five strong to Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun.
Shen Tengyun was already stunned. It was the first time he saw the wolf demon, and he didn’t know what to do at the moment.
Compared with Xu Renke, when the wolf demon makes a determined effort to attack, he also waved his Xinghai sword in his hand, and the sword gang was greeted by the wolf demon attack.
Bang bang bang—
Is a series of rumbling Wolf demon attacks, although many, but it is not close to Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun let alone hurt them.
At this time, Shen Tengyun also reacted. He still knew that his weight had directly retreated behind Xu Ren.
Shen Tengyun retreated behind Xu Ren, and Xu Ren could also lay hands on him. He waved the Xinghai sword in his hand and turned it into a net.
The wolf demon’s performance to Xu Ren is somewhat unexpected. Seeing the breath is real. Xu Ren is not much better than killing those human monks before him, but the fighting capacity is bigger than those people put together.
However, although Xu Ren’s performance surprised the wolf demon, he didn’t want to let Xu Ren go, but he saw his body squat slightly and then his whole body popped up instantly and quickly pounced on Xu Ren.
On the way to Xu Ren, the wolf demon’s claws did not idle and kept waving at Xu Ren, and they also flew to Xu Renfei with overwhelming strength.
Xu Ren didn’t do nothing to meet the Wolf demon attack fast forward going to this guy to a confrontation.
There was a loud noise and Xu Renjian Wolf demon iron fist collided together.
Chapter four hundred and twelve Close to the limit
Xu Ren Wolf demon showed his strength collision. Xu Ren believed that his strength was not weak, but this time the wolf demon collision did not take advantage. His body quickly retreated and he had already gone out for several zhangs.
Wolf demon situation is similar, he Xu Ren this collision is close, but also back to several zhangs to successfully stabilize his body.
"The strength is not weak." The wolf demon dumped them just now, and the collision also shocked his wolf claws with pain.
"I didn’t expect you to pick up my attack with a wolf’s paw." Xu Ren was a little surprised by the performance of the wolf demon in front of him. Although the Xinghai sword in his hand is not a fairy, it is already limited to the fairy. With his powerful strength, he can’t hurt the wolf’s paw, which shows that the wolf demon has a fierce wolf’s paw.
"Don’t be proud that this is just" Wolf demon body has descended towards Xu Ren again when talking, and this time the Wolf demon speed is faster and the blink of an eye has reached Xu Ren near.
Xu Ren greeted him with a sword, and this time his sword was faster than before, and it also contained the prototype of the sword.
There was a loud noise, and a powerful shock wave spread outward. Xu Ren’s body retreated backwards as if the leaves were blown by the wind
The wolf demon’s figure also quickly retreats, and every step he takes will leave a deep pit, which can stop him as soon as possible. The wolf demon also does his best, but this means is very exhausting. This method to stabilize his figure is not worth the candle.
After stopping, the wolf demon slowly raised his fist and found that there was a wound in his fist, and blood overflowed from the wound.
"What is this move?" Wolf demon looked at his fist wound sound became very gloomy.
"This is called cutting the dog sword, which is very powerful and specially designed to cut the big dog." Xu Ren is clever and it is not difficult to see that the wolf demon has reached the edge of the outbreak. He simply poured some oil on the other side’s heart to make the fire burn more brightly
"Humans, you want to die!" The wolf demon is most angry when people call him a dog. Although he really looks like a dog, he is most afraid of being called a dog.
Wolf demon angry or very scary that a pair of huge fists like a storm hit the Xu Ren.
Xu Ren is also their heels will be in the hands of Xinghai Jian course to the extreme and will also be integrated into the sword.
Wolf demon fist Xu Renxing sea sword constantly collided like a muffled thunder.
The wolf demon refused to back down and kept waving his fists, but such a collision made him very uncomfortable. The sword of the other side seemed to get heavier and heavier, as if Xu Renjian would get stronger after each collision.
The real wolf demon feels that there is nothing wrong at all. The sword in Xu Ren’s hand is really more and more sharp.
Xu Renxian is also under great pressure, but deep down in his heart, he is very excited. Now he must do his best in every attack, but such an effort to attack has made his sword intention grow stronger and stronger, and with the sword intention growing, Xu Ren’s attack has also increased.
Gradually, Xu Ren seems to have forgotten everything around him. Before his eyes, there appeared a star, a sea wolf demon, and Shen Tengyun. They all didn’t know where they were. Xu Ren Xinghai brandished a sword, as if every sword was a number of stars, and those stars were arranged in a unique way. Each star had its own unique trajectory.
Xu Ren’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter because his sword is becoming more and more complete.
Xu Ren cut out a sword as if directly thrown out a circular arc shape Milky Way.
The wolf demon let out a loud roar, and his figure kept going backwards. At this moment, his famous fist has been cut off by half, and blood keeps pouring out from the remaining half.
"How is it possible for a small human to be humble? How can a human have such a powerful lethality?" The wolf demon growled angrily. Of course, there is still fear hidden in anger. It is that Xu Ren’s attack is too strong to make him feel the root method to resist.
"If I am a small human, then you are even smaller than me." Xu Ren’s eyes let out two cleaners, which are like two sharp swords.
Xu Ren doesn’t know exactly what he has just experienced, but he knows that his sword has become stronger, and he has seen a little boy come up with a new sword attack method in his sword. It is this sword attack method that successfully cuts off half a fist of the wolf demon and hurts the wolf demon.
"Can you win in this way? It’s naive." The wolf demon has been angry to the extreme, and his body suddenly becomes bigger, revealing the shape of the demon wolf.
"Man, you really piss me off, so you must die." The wolf demon jumped up and jumped directly at Xu Ren.
Xu Ren looked at the hill like a wolf demon, and his heart was also more shocked. I didn’t expect the wolf demon to have such a powerful momentum.
The wolf demon’s claws came from a high racket, but Xu Renshen was not photographed. Instead, he landed and made a loud noise.
Xu Ren saw the wolf demon claws caught to himself, but he didn’t choose the wolf demon recklessly because he knew that at the moment, the wolf demon momentum was in full swing, and it might not be able to take advantage. He chose to dodge.
Swish swish swish-
After avoiding the wolf demon attack, Xu Ren didn’t idle and waved Xinghai sword directly to fight back.
At the moment, Xu Ren’s wolf demon is simply too small compared with his size, but even if his attack power is restored, the wolf demon can’t easily face the Xu Ren attack when he collides head-on. The wolf demon is also in a hurry.
However, although the Wolf demon seems to be in a hurry, his momentum can still completely suppress Xu Ren.
After Xu Renli attacked for a while, he found that the effect was not obvious, and he could give up the plan of confrontation between Xinghai Sword and Wolf Demon.
His figure is still moving, fighting and retreating, and constantly changing directions
Wolf demon unwilling to let Xu Ren so escaped all the way.
So Xu Ren Wolf demon went around a big circle and returned to the place where he had fought before.
Xu Ren smiled at the corner of his mouth. Although he had a strong attack power, it was very difficult to defeat the wolf demon without the help of external forces. It was even possible that he was directly killed by the wolf demon. He decided to move his spiritual array again.