The Great Sage is tall and his back is unusually wide. The sacred area of crane turtle’s back is coming, and all the avenues of cultivating water sources are suppressed!

Heaven and earth gave birth to the first Xuanwu holy spirit!
Also the Lord of the Holy Land of Yin and Yang!
The two holy lords joined hands with the evil Lord and suddenly fell into the wind, the dream, the sanctuary, shaking on the verge of collapse and losing ground. The corners of the mouth have overflowed with a trace of blood!
"Evil Lord, you will die today!"
When the Lord whistled for a long time.
There was a roar and a loud noise, and an earth-shattering collision broke out in the three holy areas, almost tearing up the forbidden area!
Heaven and earth seem to be instantly at rest.
In a moment, a figure fell heavily to the ground and smashed a huge pit!
The evil Lord will always be the enemy, but the two holy lords will join hands!
In a sense, the origin of these two holy lords is much greater than that of evil lords.
The two saints are creatures born at the beginning of the evolution of the Three Realms.
Their starting point is the holy spirit!
The evil Lord lived from the great turmoil by practicing the day after tomorrow, and was suppressed step by step to become a great sage in thousands of eras in the world.
The Lord of the Devil, Brahma Gui Mu and the Lord of Hell have not yet appeared.
Su Mo is not surprised at this point.
Whether it was the first 33 days of the war or just now, the words that the Lord said vaguely revealed an important message.
The four masters will be relatively safe for thirty-three days.
Once you leave, you are likely to encounter danger!
The Lord of the Devil, Brahma Gui Mu, and the Lord of Hell will naturally not take risks.
The demon Lord is extremely self-centered. He acts regardless of right or wrong. The enemy and I will choose a path that is beneficial to us.
Brahma Gui Mu and the Lord of Hell Zeng Sumo made an enemy and would not come forward to save him.
The appearance of the evil Lord not only failed to rescue Su Mo and others, but also trapped himself in isolation!
Evil Lord slowly got up from the pit.
After being hit hard, she still looks like she doesn’t feel pain.
The two holy lords are not going to give the evil Lord a chance to join hands with the two holy areas again to suppress the evil Lord!
Evil Lord looked askance at the white-haired old man in the distance and suddenly said, "Don’t you make moves? Don’t forget who you are. "
"This is the holy land of Terran life, and you used to be the owner of this holy land!"
This is the first sentence spoken after the evil Lord came to the forbidden area.