How can a good man suddenly become a conan the destroyer devil?

People are curious to explore the mental journey of Taoist Mu Xuan and try to find out the reason for his transformation.
It is amazing that a group of great magical powers join hands to burst out. They are the embodiment of the law of avenue and the darling of heaven and earth.
They join hands with heaven and earth to disturb the source, even saints have to back down.
This shows that they are powerful!
So their joint exploration really led them to find some clues.
The transformation of Taoist Mu Xuan
Take away his chaotic fiend.
At that time, the chaotic fiend failed to seize possession, and it was extremely unwilling to be swallowed up by Taoist Mu Xuan, which made the chaotic fiend make an amazing move.
He tried his best to integrate his residual spirit into the immortal true spirit of Taoist Mu Xuan, which not only greatly increased the strength of Taoist Mu Xuan, but also kept him under the influence of chaotic fiend residual spirit all the time.
It is precisely because of this that Taoist Mu Xuan’s temperament has changed greatly, giving birth to the idea of destroying the wild and refining HarmonyOS’s purple gas into a saint.
Chaos fiend thinks that having a saint of his own side will be helpful to their future plans, so he can help him.
That’s why the previous extermination operation started.
I found the reason why Taoist Mu Xuan fell. Although everyone felt pity, they also knew that he could not stay.
A person who knows the ins and outs of the wild has met the opposite of the wild, and the consequences are probably terrible.
After reading this, people are more concerned about finding Taoist Mu Xuan.
Together, they soon found out that the Taoist Muxuan had fallen.
At that time, Taoist Mu Xuan had just been resurrected and had to look around in the future, so he was surrounded by a group of great magical powers.
Arguably, a great avatar who lost his power faced dozens of great avatars whose strength was at its peak, and the result was naturally that he was captured without resistance.
But the facts are often unexpected.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-three For the great avatar plan
He escaped!
Taoist Mu Xuan has escaped!
A group of great magical powers besieged Taoist Mu Xuan and fled very quickly.
This is the reason why Feng Zichen was shocked.
Isn’t it funny that a group of tigers surrounded a sheep and were escaped by the sheep?
How can Fei Long lose by riding his face?
"Brother Zhenyuan, what the hell is going on?"
Heart surprised wind zichen directly to the town yuan asked.
"Also blame being original and others for their carelessness."
"I didn’t expect that the teacher in the hands of Muxuan Daoyou should have refined the innate Tao operator in the past, which gave him a chance to escape."
Speaking of this, Zhenyuan looked sad. Obviously, the result was beyond his expectation. Before the incident, no one would have thought that Taoist Mu Xuan would have a chance to escape.
"Daozu refining innate Tao operator?"
"When is not a tao zu refining congenital operator? I have never heard of it? "
"And Taoist Mu Xuan will appear in the hands of Taoist Mu Xuan when Taoist Zu refines innate Taoist symbols?"
When I heard this, Feng Zichen became more and more puzzled. Daozu forged innate Taoist symbols. He had never heard of them and never seen anyone use them.
Like these treasures
You shouldn’t smell it in silence
Must be all for treasure.
He should not have never heard of it.
"It’s normal not to know about it."
"In fact, not many people in the whole universe know about it, that is, Taoist Muxuan, who was original, did not know about it before he took out the teacher to refine the innate Tao operator."
Shook his head, Zhenyuan said naively that he really didn’t know that Daozu refined the innate Tao.
"Is this the reason?"
The treasure refined by the Taoist ancestors can’t be windy. Zichen is not curious. He continues to ask.
"At the beginning, after the three sermons in Zixiao Palace, the teacher left a chance for the poor and others with Baoyan, which became our mentoring friendship."
"Fenbaoyan listed several congenital treasures, many of which were collected by teachers when they traveled in the wild."
"There are also some innate treasures with special functions refined by teachers in their spare time."
"These innate treasures are extremely rare, and their ability is even more bizarre. They hide many innate spiritual treasures that are not available to people with great chances."
"The innate Taoist character in the hands of Taoist Mu Xuan belongs to this kind of special treasure."
"It seems that this kind of treasure is extremely secretive. If the owner doesn’t take the initiative to say that outsiders are absolutely aware of it."
"and who will get this treasure?"
"It is an old friend who knows that Taoist Muxuan got Taoist Zu’s refined innate Tao operator, and others know that this world has innate Tao operator."
"Even the news would have been buried forever if Taoist Muxuan didn’t run for his life and use this symbol."
Speaking of which, Zhenyuan’s tone is not mixed with envy.
The power of Daozu’s refining the innate Tao operator must be quite terrible. It is no exaggeration to say that having this operator is equivalent to having a second life. Who can not envy it?