Zhang yi looked gloomy. "Is that the jade symbol that claims to be the key to the hanging river cave?" Wood nodded his head.

Zhang yi turned to Nie Xin and said with a wry smile, "Nie Xiong doesn’t look very good now. Yin Huijiang’s research on the law of Chen Shuiyufu and Yun Mengze are great things. Everyone doesn’t know that Kunlun sent his hand. I’m afraid it’s really for the treasure this time."
Nie Xin asked, "Since the other party dares to do this, how much should be somewhat sure? What is it? "
Zhang yi shook his head. "I know very little about evil practices."
Nie Xin wanted to think and said, "So I’ll be leaving now."
Nie Xin’s reaction was somewhat unexpected, but now he is also a little anxious. He nodded and sent Nie Xin out, and then Mu En set off. He wanted to go to Yunmengze immediately and try his best to inform the family to send someone to pay attention to prevention.
Nie Xin can’t do nothing. Nie Xin wants to get ready immediately after returning home. There are four boxes of 96 pieces of copper pillars in the shell. The first batch of copper pillars needs a lot of Xuanyan charm and Yi Muqing charm to be equipped. Nie Xin has some preparations, but it’s not enough. But there must be enough spells behind him. Even if there is not a lot of materials, Nie Xin can always make 12 or 13 volumes of various spells to make up the number. No problem. I don’t know if it is an equal-level master. Nie Xin will deal with all spiritual spells according to the highest power.
Nie Xin deeply knows that there is a small distance between helping and not helping. His opponent has killed a monk, an elder of Kunlun and many other practitioners. Most of those practitioners have a higher level of cultivation than themselves. If you rashly enter Yunmengze, I am afraid that you will die if you meet those who are not evil.
In the early morning, zhang yi took the initiative to call and said that he had learned about the recent situation. The two chasing teams in Jiuyintang had lost the gang of evil practitioners. Although they killed four people, it was obvious that the other party had taken the initiative to abandon the staff. The other party had such determination that Jiuyintang also had to play a 120-point spirit. Now the Jiangnan branch has controlled the three entrances of Yunmengze, and nothing has happened for the time being. It was sent to those factions that had previously entered Yunmengze to inform the monks that the news could be sent to Jiuyintang Jiangnan Branch. The Ministry’s messenger is the "wind bat" Jing Yutang, and Jiuyintang is allowed to enter this move only after strictly verifying the identity of the messengers from all factions. Although the practitioners failed to arrive first and did not prepare accordingly, they still got everyone’s approval. On the one hand, Jiuyintang’s various measures were very quick and timely in place, and every movement was reported to all factions, which won everyone’s favor. However, it is still necessary for everyone to discuss how to solve this matter in the end. They won’t do anything, and members of various powerful factions and outstanding young brothers should be safe, and everyone should contribute together.
Nie Xin’s indifferent attitude surprised zhang yi, but after telling Nie Xin the situation, he hung up. It seems that the meeting of the heads of various factions has finally come to an end. The Kunlun faction is not good at disobedience, and everyone’s meaning has caused public anger. Finally, Chen Shui Yu Fu will come clean.
It’s a little troublesome to explain this matter. zhang yi is not in the mood to talk with Nie Xin again. Just send the video of the whole video conference to Nie Xin from the owner. He sent it to Nie Xin as soon as he compressed it. He is the boss of the online game company. This tool is so tight that he received the video. Nie Xin didn’t come here for nothing. What is going on?
The Kunlun Sect has a long history, and the exploration and research on Yunmengze has long been carried out in places where Yunmengze is full of aura. They have opened a medicine garden hanging over the river. Near the medicine garden of Kunlun Sect, because there is a blue dumpling in the cave, several attempts to break into the cave were unsuccessful, except for a few people who fought in the water, but they were not good at the ground and the magic weapon. When they got into the water, many of them were even more ridiculous, but after two hundred years, they paid for four exploratory attacks. After a considerable price, everyone became white. Otherwise, the blue dumpling at the gate of the abode of fairies and immortals was too lazy to pay attention to this ancient spirit beast. The ordinary yogi was the friar who didn’t let it sell at all. The preliminary judgment of the power of the blue dumpling was not weaker than that of the friar in the middle period of then.
But when it comes to this state, the monk may not be willing to fight with it. God knows what else is going on in the cave dwelling after winning the head of the spirit beast. Moreover, once the war is fought together, it can’t be solved for a short time, and it will take ten days and a half to say nothing. It’s impossible not to disturb other sects to monopolize the treasure of the cave dwelling. It’s impossible to see the cave dwelling in the river. Except for the stone tablet in the square at the door, there are people who can understand the words and patterns. There is no clue as to whether there is a hidden treasure in the cave dwelling.
【 Chapter 36 resolutely to 】
If we know that the blue dumpling won’t take the initiative to attack and sleep most of the time, Kunlun sent people into the square at the entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals again and again to explore the stone tablet. Since it is the abode of fairies and immortals, there is always a way to explore it. After repeated exploration and deciphering the inscription, the progress is equivalent to not even understanding what stone the tablet is, but their research has finally achieved results. They found a slot at the top of the stone tablet.
The great cause of Kunlun Sect can mobilize enough younger brothers, and some achievements have been made in his research. For example, who exactly is Chen Shuiyu Fu? Chen Shuiyu Fu has been found in the corner of Kunlun treasure house, but the inscription of Chen Shuiyu Fu and the inscription of Hanging River Cave House stone tablet are definitely from the same source. Yin Huijiang, an elder of Kunlun Sect, once took Chen Shuiyu Fu to Hanging River Cave House and inserted it into the slot at the top of the stone tablet. As a result, the central array of the stone tablet was instantly activated. Although Yin Huijiang is a master of array method and puzzle solving, Law has never been seen before, but he has never been able to hit the abode of fairies and immortals, but he has recorded the changes in this part of the whole law. This happened ten years ago, but from that day on, I don’t know what the whole fix-up world learned that Chen Shuiyu Fu and the hanging river abode of fairies and immortals had Kunlun Sect, and they have been tracking down how the news leaked, but there has been no result.
After ten years’ sprint research, the Kunlun Sect has a small success in cracking the hanging river cave. They are ready to call on the right way. Colleagues can join in the grand event or work together to fight the hanging river cave. If the host of Kunlun can naturally get the greatest benefit from it, all factions have to bear Kunlun’s affection and make Kunlun’s position more stable. Unexpectedly, Kunlun has not decided who to invite. When the invitation came, the news leaked out again, just like ten years ago. The vague news is a very simple one. Yunmengze will have a treasure in this world, but in this way, if the Kunlun Sect became extremely passive, it was their demeanor, but now it suddenly became a necessity and even some people wanted to practice as cannon fodder-someone must think that there is no shortage of the greatest malice in China, and it is also true in the practice world.
So the Kunlun Sect decided that it was better to wait and see first. When they were going to let Yin Huijiang take Chen Shui Yu Fu and the sects disperse, they took their younger brothers to the abode of fairies and immortals. When they saw it, they saw it. Anyway, it was not easy for everyone to grab it. When the time came, they would let him participate in it again.
This abacus was played very loudly, but I didn’t expect it to be completely destroyed by the cultivation of the origin. The other party knew all about the movements of many sects in the right way of the Kunlun Party. Obviously, it took a long time to prepare, and it was associated with the news leaked ten years ago. Ten years is not a long time for the yogi, but many things can still be done. Now, after the Kunlun Sect’s action, it has been seen through and mastered the method of breaking the array. Elder Yin Huijiang died. They have lost control of each other. Either some people have higher attainments in the array or they have mastered the research results of the Kunlun Sect and have a
"Have you contacted the people who entered Yunmengze?" After watching the video for more than an hour, Nie Xin made a message to zhang yi.
Zhang yi’s voice is a little dull. "There is no news from Mu En just now. He has taken photos with Jiuyintang people and entered Yunmengze. If it goes well, there should be news this afternoon."
"Well, I’ll wait for your news." Nie Xin hung up without saying much, while zhang yi noticed something else from Nie Xin’s coldness and indifference. This is by no means indifferent, but a kind of silence that resolutely considers all the consequences. zhang yi has no doubt at this moment that Nie Xin will go straight to Yunmengze if there is any bad news.
Nie Xin came to Yandangfang City with his luggage. In addition to the spiritual attack, there are some outdoor binoculars, cameras, compasses, kettles, tactical folding knives, folding cookers and drinking water filters. Nie Xin is a yogi, but these things are not completely out of the category of ordinary people. Maybe.
Yesterday, I got 20,000 yuan from his department and converted it into Lingshi. Then a few shops in Fangshi walked around and spent less than half of the medicine needed by practitioners. It is really too expensive. The cloak embroidered with dense runes can isolate the fluctuation of spiritual power. It is the only thing Nie Xin thinks is more cost-effective. Lingshi Nie Xin 1 Lingshi has added a small dry Kun bag to put the remaining Lingshi. Although it is not necessary, what should Yunmengze need to exchange with others? If you die, you’ll be captured. That’s not enough for him to consider
When he asked Mr. Meng to borrow some spells, Mr. Meng silently took out a whole package of spells from the counter without saying anything. There were forty volumes of 2,400 spells, and quite a few of them were made by him, which was more than 30% more powerful than the spells at the same level. Part of it is that Nie Xin has not been able to make intermediate spells yet, and there is even a roll of Nie Xin who can barely manipulate the advanced spells "Blood Flame Dragon Runner". Mr. Meng seems to have expected what Nie Xin wanted to do long ago, but he kept silent without saying a word, without encouragement or persuasion. It was Yang Yang who encouraged Nie Xin to stay away from his apprentices. Although the news in the city was not as fast as those who could get through to the top guys, others were generally shocked by Nie Xin’s move. They were higher than Nie Xin and may not be much kind to the family, but after all, they had that attachment.
After Lao Yang spread Nie Xin, he hesitated for a moment and went in to say something. Lao Yang shook his head gently, like lamenting people’s sympathy and obsession, and his fearless determination was really ridiculous. He grabbed Nie Xin’s backpack kettle, poured a whole pot of the best aged "white at night" and asked Nie Xin to give him a hot "floating" wine to water it again. The light Hou Jian seemed to enjoy the taste of this wine, and the light white light emerged when Lao Yang returned the sword to Nie Xin. "Take this guy."
These guys who have known each other for a short time don’t laugh at him like others in the city. A pneumatic mid-term guy is overreaching, but silently supports him. Perhaps it is because they all dare to die alone that they really have the courage to live.
And an old man on the top floor of Guanlan Pavilion silently watched Nie Xin go through this road, cleaned up a backpack and went to the exit of Fangshi, never looking back.
"He really want to go to YunMengze? Is he a fool? " A young man sounded around.
"What do you know? If he dies, it’s not worth anything. If he can live, I’ll give him a hand. It’s been many years since the spiritual world has produced such a bloody and courageous person. Are you a genius at the beginning of your spiritual rest at the age of 14? Do you dare to face the monk? We’re three steps short of escape, aren’t we? Practice and practice have all gone to the dog, "the old man said with great dissatisfaction."
"Hum!" The teenager is very dissatisfied with the old man’s judgment, but he really can’t refute the question of cowardice in the spiritual world
"The third team ready yet? One day, "the old man is very dissatisfied.
Behind the old man, he bowed down and stood, and two genera said with trembling, "You can leave when Mr. Isothermal arrives when you are ready to leave."
"Temperature big head so slow? I’ll go without him. "The old man waved and said," I’m as good as Big Head Wen, right? I haven’t done it for many years to see what level the evil practitioners are now. "
"Old master!" The two of them were frightened to disgrace, but the old man’s mind was made up and he said, "That’s settled. I’ll change my clothes and set off."
The old man immediately said to the teenagers around him in a gentle tone, "Bao, you stay at home and don’t let your sister worry."
The boy answered "Yes" seriously.
Nie Xin just walked out of Fang City and put his backpack in the back seat of a taxi, and zhang yi appeared.
"Are you really going?" Zhang yi asked.
"This is not nonsense," Nie Xinnai said quietly. "I’ll go there first. There are still a few hours. If there is good news, it’s better if there is no me."
Zhang yi sighed and said with a wry smile, "It didn’t take that long to have bad news. It didn’t take long for Mu En to enter Yunmengze to be ambushed by the enemy. Fortunately, he was able to make him run out and immediately sent me a message. There must be enemies lurking outside the three entrances and exits, and the Yunmengze was cut off. I have never hoped that the mobile signal in China can really get out."
"Is Mu En all right?" Nie Xin asked
"It’s a little injury. He’s being treated at Jiuyintang stronghold. Jiuyintang is understaffed and didn’t come to send someone in to read it. I don’t know if Jing Yutang has been in a few groups of people before the news arrived. Now it seems that I’m afraid it’s all run. Mu En was the first to run out."
Nie Xin sighed. "What do you mean? Take my car to see Muen? "
Zhang yi shook his head. "I’ll go with you. Am I better than you?"
【 Chapter 37 Enter Yunmengze 】
Nie Xin froze zhang yi. But what reason does Master Zhang of Huainan have to take such a risk in the future? Although his aerodynamic mid-term is not a concept with himself, how strong can he be? How many chances can you win in the face of those evil practices? He rolled his eyes and asked, "Do you really want to go?"
Zhang yi’s face smiled coldly. "No one can hurt me without paying the price."
Nie Xin nodded and let zhang yi get off the bus. "Don’t you bring anything?" Nie Xin asked strangely
Zhang yi looked at the back seat in surprise and asked, "Don’t you have a dry bag?"
Nie Xinyu started the car. Yes, he is the poorest class in the field of repairing truth. What’s the comparison with the master of other families?
A few hours’ drive away, the two men exchanged their respective preparations for Nie Xinling’s inflammatory attack, but since we want to enter Yunmengze with zhang yi’s partner, understanding each other’s strength is the most basic requirement, and we told him that zhang yi’s silence for a long time before he was pleased to say, "So we have become a lot bigger, and it is not without a fighting force for monks."
Nie Xin ha ha smiled. "That is, although there are great restrictions, there is always a way to be flexible." Nie Xin and zhang yi are all sensitive guys. When the time comes, they will design tactics according to the specific situation. Now that they have been recognized by the students, they feel that they can hurt the monks. It is naturally a credible weapon.
When zhang yi learned that Nie Xin actually had a whole roll of Mr. Meng’s hand "Blood Flame Dragon Rune", he was almost speechless. This spell was powerful and had a strong fire and poison corrosion. When it was released, the movement was big enough to facilitate the messenger. It was really a good choice to deal with high-level opponents. For practitioners in the resting period, Mr. Meng’s hand-level spells were all hidden with several emergency times, but Nie Xin actually had a whole roll here, which was too extravagant.
Zhang yi was amazed by the unique achievements of Ling Yan’s attack and the high quality of spells around Nie Xin, but he prepared himself with luxury. The level of zhang yi’s repair is the same as Nie Xin’s, but this level has reached its peak. He can break through the sword tactic and master the basic spells at any time. It is also difficult for be adept at to find a person who is more handsome than him at this age. He carries four dry Kun bags with different sizes. The largest bag contains various life-changing clothes, emergency weapons and spells. He prepares to fly the sword name "Wing" The word is the same, but the power and comprehensive performance of this flying sword handle are stronger than Nie Xin’s "light Hou", and the main flying sword "flying star" can rank in the top three in all the collections of the Zhang family. Even if the "flying star" in China’s practice circle is considered to be the 43rd among the top 100, zhang yi Yi said that there is a lot of pressure on this ranking because … He doesn’t like the prime number Nie Xin’s language. Isn’t this a quirk of talents like him? In addition to six volumes of spells prepared by zhang yi from Mr. Meng before, there are 30 kinds of spells in which the level is relatively high. There are several volumes. A dry Kun bag is afraid that there are not 5,000 spells. Although they are not so exaggerated, they are all of very good standards. There are two herbs gardens that claim to be able to survive for three days if they die on the spot. The number of pills and potions for healing and supplementing spiritual strength is also quite sufficient. zhang yi does not know what will happen this time.
Both of them have done their best to prepare for the battle. The structure of the preparations is almost the same as flying swords, spells, medicines and living materials. Even though the richness is a little different, after this exchange, everyone has a bottom in their hearts, and they can also let go of designing tactics. Otherwise, they will have no chance of winning in the face of monks. What they can rely on is a lot of materials in their hands to pile up their opponents.
"I hope we have a chance to put these things in our own hands," Nie Xin said.
"Ha ha yes" zhang yi Yi one leng understand Nie Xin meaning "yes, I hope so"
It was already noon when I arrived at Jiuyintang stronghold, and Mu En frowned when I saw zhang yi coming to the entrance of Yunmengze.