"Ha ha ….." Small glass hugged him "too you guess bai? What sound? "

Someone knocked at the door outside "second brother! Xiao Li! Can you come in? Why don’t you come out! Cook something to eat together! "
Han Ximing was able to react and looked down at Xiaoli. "Are you hungry?"
"Ha ha! Hmm! " Small glass up with a smile "go early to cook something …"
Han Ximing tugged at the corners of her mouth. "My sister still hasn’t made any progress in cooking. My brother-in-law likes it!"
"Haha, no!" Xiao Li held his hand. "Xiao Bao, thank you … for having such a warm family."
Chapter 1144 Make a choice outside.
Saying that you cooked something early and calling everyone out to eat is actually cooking.
Han Ximing relieved "Xiao Li Ning Dai, you go and help."
The two men laughed and shook their heads early in the past. "No, no, you’re both tired. I’ll do it …"
"No, we’re not tired …"
Spread your hands early and smile. "Do you want to be so friendly?"
Liang Juanbang took a yellow light and put a smile in his mouth. His shoulders were shaking. "They are afraid of poisoning …"
"Huh?" Look back early and squint. "What did you say?"
"no!" Liang Juanbang scared the cucumber to the ground.
"Hum" rolled up his sleeves early, gnashing his teeth and being bold. "What did you say? Afraid of poisoning? Are you poisoned? Come on, come on, I’ll poison you! "
"Ah …" Liang Juanbang exclaimed "don’t! Forgive me! "
When I turned around and saw Han Xilang sitting in a big way, I couldn’t help but be stunned. "You … big uncle?"
He didn’t believe that Han Ximing looked back and saw his eyes again. "My uncle is here and you are really a big uncle! Sister-in-law didn’t control you! How dare you be fat enough? Don’t you listen to your sister-in-law? "
"What sister-in-law?" Han Xilang face a heavy breath bad "I’m single! What else will it be? "
Liang Juanbang "…"
Who did he provoke again?
Look together with Xiao Li early. Look at Ning Dai. Ning Dai’s hands are packed with fresh vegetable noodles. I can’t see any smile. "I’ll mix a salad first … it’s the chef early. I’m a thug today!"
Xiaolihao went to see "What’s the matter?"
"Ah …" Shake your head and sigh early. "It’s hard to see at a glance."
It is also lively for a group of people to eat together.
Xiao Li asked, "When?"
Looking at Ning Dai’s pain, she knows best that she has undergone all kinds of rigorous training since she was a child, which people find hard to bear … What’s worse, Ning Dai has been pampered and grown up? The sooner the experiment, the better.
I paused early. "I’m not in such a hurry. My equipment is in a mess. I’m still debugging these two days. There are too many signal towers here, which have magnetic influence … and I need to make other preparations."
"Hmm" Xiao Li believes in truth.
This nature is not false, but NingDai pursed her lips and seemed to understand something … silently bowed their heads and ate.
Section 74
"You!" Liang Juanbang has them. "Don’t worry, especially Ximing and Xiaoli take this opportunity to get together … There is an epidemic in the tower area and we just have an excuse to stay here for a long time."
Han Ximing didn’t speak and looked at Xiao Li with a faint smile, so it was very stable.
After dinner, they parted ways.
Han Ximing took the small glass hooded trench coat and wrapped her up.
"Hee hee" Xiao Li smiled "Take a walk?"
"Well" Han Ximing nodded.
Small glass cocked his head "idea is good, but there is really no place suitable for walking here … or let’s go to the vegetable field! There’s still a little green there, haha … Is it quite rustic? "
"No soil" Han Ximing shook his head "It’s good to be with you"
In the big tent, people are sorting out the instruments early. "Get all the lines in order. How many groups will we do tonight?"
The assistant looked at her red eyes and couldn’t help but persuade, "The teaching assistant may not get the result in such a hurry … You’d better have a rest first!"
These days, it looks easy early, but in fact, her brain power consumption is too heavy, and her energy consumption is a measure.
She raised her hand and stroked her eyebrow. "When I didn’t hurry up, the experimental group was a group … There is always hope if I don’t try, then it’s really hopeless. Go on!"
Outside the tent, Ning Dai heard them clearly. She was holding a fruit basket in her hand to deliver fruit.
At the moment, my mood is extremely heavy.
In the car that day, in fact, she heard the conversation with her assistant early and knew that the early experiment at present could save her and one of Xiaoli.
She was wearing a daze curtain but was pulled out. It was an early assistant, "Big housewife …"
"Er" NingDai one leng "I’ll deliver the fruit"
"Just as you came in, we need to test you first …"
"Good" NingDai stammered into the inside.
A whole row, a whole row of instruments NingDai looked at is wrinkly to knit the eyebrow waved to her early "NingDai come and sit I test your body chip magnetic force …"
Ning Dai nodded and looked at the experiment early, but she was thinking about what she should do.
It’s a quiz. It’ll be over soon.
"How about it?" Ning Dai asked carefully.
Pick your eyebrows early. "I feel the magnetic force. Your chip should be later than when the small glass is implanted … and the magnetic force is not too destructive."
Ning Dai couldn’t understand, "shouldn’t the longer the time goes by, the faster the magnetic force disappears?"