There are seven small halls in the middle of the hall, and there is a theme in each place. There are four emperors and three families.

Li Yan looked at it from a distance. Many people didn’t know the seven people sitting in the theme. He knew the general of the Tang Dynasty, the Han Dynasty champion Hou, but he didn’t pay attention to these two. He paid attention to the direction of the Liu family
The huge screen behind the theme reads a big willow word. A man with a calm eyes and a sinking heart leans forward and holds his head in one hand, looking at everything around him. A breath that makes people feel palpitation faintly radiates from his body.
"That’s Liu Jia Jia Zhu?" Li Yan saw one of the many Liu brothers sitting behind this man, and he knew it was Liu Jianxing, the young master of Liu Family.
When Li Yan saw Liu Jianxing, he also looked at Li Yan. Liu Jianxing is a virtual god. Friar feels more keenly about the surroundings than anyone who looks at himself. It’s even worse that Li Yan’s eyes are filled with a hint of murder. It’s just like yelling at him. It’s impossible not to be seen.
Li Yan!’ Liujianxing’s handsome face is twisted, and there is an angry color in his eyes. This anger is accompanied by eternal hatred.
Chapter one thousand and fifty Discuss the title
When Li Yan saw Liu Jianxing, a trace of murder was inevitably revealed in his heart. When he first arrived in Yun Ze, he was overbearing and led the army directly into the terrain of the Tang Dynasty to take his own life and shake up the prestige of the Liu family. However, with the tide of beasts, a dried gourd was defeated by Liu Jianxing again and again, and in the end, the Liu family even died. A strange figure in the destiny realm.
No matter what happens in advance, but at this point, there is no second possibility that two people can live alone in this world
Of course, if someone inquires about the cause of a matter carefully, it will be ridiculous, because all this is only the Liu family’s acceptance of Li Yan’s crossing.
Many people have laughed at Liu’s passing through the road for so many years after knowing this. This time, Li Yan spit it out instead, which is really a natural cycle of retribution.
"This Liu Jianxing momentum seems to be not as strong as before. Am I getting stronger?" Although after a year, Liu Jianxing’s momentum is very strong and sharp in my memory. Today, although I forbear to send it, Li Yan did not feel the danger together. The disappearance of this danger means that I have the ability to kill this person.
"Don’t I sleep for a year strength has been able to compete with virtual god condition monks? No, I’m still a long way from the virtual realm, far from the point of competition. Maybe I’m wrong. "
Liu Jianxing has been staring at Li Yan from just now until now. If his eyes can kill people, it is estimated that Li Yan has been killed by his eyes several times.
Li Yan paid a little attention to this Liu Jianxing, but he didn’t continue to rest assured that his field had hit all the evils around him. However, his field didn’t cover those Godsworn brothers because he knew that once these Godsworn brothers entered the field, they would be aware of it. Instead of observing these people, they exposed themselves.
Li Yan, who was drunk for thousands of years in Datang, sat down and found that a pot of fine wine was placed in the case, which made his eyes suddenly light up and he had not tasted this wine for a long time. This time, Datang was really generous enough to entertain these generals with this royal wine.
In spite of him, he immediately picked up the hip flask and drank it and purred.
Fan Jun, the general next to the big fellow, looked at this Li Yan with a face of dissatisfaction. "I don’t know the statecraft."
"I think it’s true nature. I think Li Yan also knows that this is the greed of Datang Imperial Wine House. Hehe, I didn’t expect this Li Yan to be a good drinker. I heard that his poems are good and I really asked him for advice another day," said a general next to him
"Yan Yangyun is not a big fellow here. It’s a different world. It depends on strength, spelling and force. You’d better put it away. Besides, you’d better be alert to this Li Yan. He dares to shout out that princes and princes will be more ambitious. It’s no good for you to be close to him. If the champion Hou appreciates him, he would have been kicked out of the big fellow by me. This person can’t stay," said Fan Jun.
Next to the general named Yan Yangyun, he smiled gently. "The words" princes and princes would rather have seeds "also reached the imperial court. Although there were some outrageous things, those imperial officials didn’t take this seriously. It was a joke after dinner that I couldn’t hold a grudge for a happy event because of this little thing, and he was right when he said this. You can just occupy a piece of land and delimit the king. Then you will be the emperor."
"Having said that, the man said it in front of the big fellow, which is to despise the big fellow." Fan Jun said that he was angry and disappeared.
Yan Yangyun said, "If you want to pursue this matter, you have to wait until this matter has passed. Didn’t Li Yan promise the champion Hou that if the big fellow doesn’t win this competition, he will die in the ring, and then all problems will be solved. If the big fellow really wins, it will be a happy thing. Forget him about this little thing. Life is short and bitter, adding so many troubles."
Li Yan heard the conversation between the two men through the field. He secretly thought that "this Yan Yangyun should be the champion Hou Ding, three people, and one person is the champion Hou. Look at this person, he is carefree and laughing. There is no tension in this matter. It seems that there is a real story. It seems that the big fellow is not willing to send some straw bags to participate in this matter."
I waved the hip flask and found that a pot of wine had bottomed out. At this time, the ladies-in-waiting not far away immediately brought another pot. These ladies-in-waiting are Datang ladies-in-waiting. When it comes to enjoying this Datang people, they are absolutely second to none. They don’t even forget the fear. It’s royal at best, but it’s depravity at worst
Royal so he can imagine.
What makes Li Yan look askance most is that the generals in Daqin are sitting there motionless like a stone statue, which deserves to be called the tiger and wolf army. Daqin has iron discipline.
The main commander of Daqin Dynasty listened to other people’s conversation. It seems that a person named Wu Anjun doesn’t sound like his name should be the title Wu ‘an. The person who can have this title must be the kind of person who kills the strongman, but he looks weak like a good person in Daqin Wu Anjun’s style. I feel sorry for this title.
"How?" Liu Ming, the master of Liu Jia’s family, sounded calm and powerful, and the huge hall echoed simply without a word of nonsense.
General Tang said, "Three people from each faction will draw lots for the final victory. According to the previous agreement, the winner will be advised to arrange the station and others will not have any problems."
There is nothing fair in this world. Whoever wins by force will get the best place to live, and in the future, it will also reduce the damage of his dynasty or family to others, that is, to die until friends die and be original.
"It’s too complicated. It’s a simple matter. It’s necessary to make it so complicated. Just send one person each to compete in the center of this hall. Finally, the living person is the winner." A tall and burly general in Dayuan Dynasty said that the sound was like being stuffy next to Lei Zhen, and everyone’s face was unnatural.
"If all are dead? My White House won’t make fun of my brother’s life. "Bai Gui, the owner of the White House, asked calmly.
Daqin Dynasty Wu Anjun smiled gently. "It’s still the old rule. A family draws lots for a family to decide three games and two wins. I believe that there will be no unfair things."
Chapter one thousand and fifty-nine The heat is the best.
"Add a throw in the towel and die." Bai Gui, the owner of the White Family, said that he valued Bai Family’s life very much. It seems that even if he lost, he didn’t want to throw his brother’s life here.
"But," said Wu Anjun, "what do you think?"
"No problem, I don’t know what you will use as a lottery?" Hou Kou, the champion, said with a smile, "I have already given the winner the lottery, so you should take it out."
"hmm? Don’t you guys think you’re going to win before this competition? I don’t know who made Champion Hou so confident to win, "said General Datang frowned.
Champion Hou said, "Speaking of this person, he returned to your Datang for some reasons. A year ago, he was your Datang Pingan. It will be a pity that you Datang know people and don’t send a talent to our big fellow. Hehe, I want to thank the general."
"You said it was Li Yan?" The general’s face moved slightly. He naturally knew what happened to Li Yan a year ago. To tell the truth, he didn’t want to let this person leave Datang Naihuang at the beginning. He didn’t have the ability to retain it. Later, when the Liu family retreated, Tang Huang appeared, so that everyone in the army realized the importance of Li Yan.
"It is to say that you Tang Huang also had some friendship with Li Yanyan. Hehe, when you really put your family first, Tang Huang wants to save people, and you dare to drive away this Datang. You can’t tell who is the master now," said the champion Hou sarcastically.
At this time, Li Bailian, who was not far away, turned blue and white when she heard this. She did not calculate that Li Yan would be involved with Tang Huang. If she had known earlier, she would never have driven Li Yan away by a trivial matter. Moreover, since that incident, she obviously felt that most people were alienated and seemed to deliberately isolate her.
It’s very simple. She disobeyed the imperial orders, and no matter if this future is not near, she may even be implicated.
It is precisely because of this that Li Bailian’s power in the Tang Dynasty has plummeted, and she knows that there are two possibilities to save this situation. One is to make up with Li Yan, and the other is to get a reward from the Tang Emperor to dispel speculation in others’ hearts.
However, these two ideas are very difficult. When Li Bailian saw Li Yanshi sitting there drinking alone, her heart couldn’t help but wander. At this time, Li Yanshi had more majesty from the bones than when he was in the Tang Dynasty, and there was a special breath in this majesty, which made people feel afraid and cooperated with the forehead, which was like a scorching sun. This feeling became even heavier.
Li Bailian thinks he is also a powerful Godsworn, but there is a feeling of lifting his head before Li Yan, as if he were born to be superior, and you have to
"I finally took over the Seven Emperors’ Mansion from my father. I can’t just decline to solve the problem. I still have to find a chance to talk to this Li Yan. The best way is to openly unite with others and let others know that he has resolved his grievances. In this way, many losses can be recovered."
Next to Yi Li said "elder sister can think about this Li Yan? Hehe, I advise elder sister not to think too much. Li Yan’s character is to repay kindness and get revenge. Elder sister humiliated him that day. This revenge is not so easy to resolve. Elder sister might as well avoid this person and get revenge. Now Li Yan’s forces are not only behind him, but there are more than 20 virtual godsworn, a strange figure in destiny. Even the champion Hou is looking at him with special respect. He has tried every means to keep him as a big fellow, which is much better than what we did in Datang. It is difficult for the big fellow to keep an eye on Liu’s family. Li Yan, our Datang was driven away by the Liu family. There is a big gap in Li Yan. No wonder the world has said that the world was the first big man in the Qin Dynasty. Secondly, our Datang occupied the same prosperous territory as the big man in the Qin Dynasty, but it was able to rank third. It is good to be the third in this style. "
On demeanor, Datang is not as good as the big fellow. Don’t just say that this leads the army. The big fellow can make the champion Hou Ling take charge of the big Yun Ze affairs, while General Datang can do things according to the court’s orders and want to do something. He will be impeached by those powerful officials immediately. Don’t they know that the most taboo in marching and fighting is not to believe in the general? The country that was born by mistake can also be shaped like this.
When Yi Li and Li Bailian were talking to each other, there was a conflict between the seven people in charge of the throne.
"Li Yan’s strength is good, but I’m not without talent in Datang." General Datang calmly said that we can’t lose momentum at this time. "Yu Caitou, I took a suit of armor in Datang and called it Kowloon Panyunjia, which was made by Long Lin, a dragon with five claws and died of old age. I wonder if you can be satisfied?"
With that, he waved and a soldier came with a pair of armor.
This armor is full of gold, with fish scales and golden dragons and auspicious clouds. There is a faint golden streamer running, and a vast Rowen is like a black dragon occupying all things.
"Ha ha, you Datang are really rich, and a few pieces of armor are willing to take it out." Champion Hou Fu clapped his hands and smiled. Among the four dynasties, Datang only had a real dragon to take out such a pair of armor, which was simply bleeding. It seems that this Datang is also quite embarrassing.
Liu Ming, the master of Liu Jia’s family, stretched out his palm and a night bead with the brilliance of stars appeared in his hand, "A Godsworn Star Nucleus in Destiny"