The southern monarch was slightly relieved.

He was about to speak when the Pope raised his hand to stop him.
What does the Pope seem to listen to?
It was a long time before the Pope showed a strange look.
"Your majesty, please give those lucky people to our guards," said the Pope.
"No problem" southern monarch happy way
The Pope lit up two cardinals behind him and ordered them to take their hands to receive these people.
"All of you must remember to be alert to the fact that there are demons hidden among these people, to deprive them of weapons, to set up exorcism barriers around them, and not to get too close to them, to feed them or to talk to them."
"It’s sacred!"
Two cardinal salute way
They went soon with two teams of knights.
The Pope also ordered the rest of the people, "All people enter the town to search for suspicious information, pay attention to collecting bones and check them according to the town register, so as not to miss anyone."
With the archbishop in red and the holy knights should way.
The search lasted two whole days.
Church people arrived one after another.
At the request of the church, all forces sent all the search experts here.
In front of the forces of the holy church, the southern empire and all forces joined forces, and the whole town was scraped to the ground and searched again.
In order to check the personnel and bones, the sacred knights, hunters and soldiers even made a detailed textual research on every bone.
In order to determine the cause of death of every animal in the town, the priests were very magical.
All suspicious things run away.
When Gu Qingshan arrived outside the town, a complete and accurate information had been presented to him.
This is that strength that he has manage over the year-
He sat on the throne and carefully examined the information.
"All poultry died of evil sacrifice except one chicken."
"This chicken was found in a remote place. When it was found, it had been left with bones and the bones had traces of human gnawing."
"Through the investigation, the chicken was just cooked when the whole town died."
"There was a problem in checking the number of people in the population town."
"Several people are missing."
"No one who knows them in his area has seen these missing people."
"The only certainty is that these people should also be in a small town when it happened."
"All forces in the world have been completely mobilized and are trying to find the trace of these people."
Gu Qingshan finished watching and thought for a while.
Pope Fang, the monarch of the Southern Empire and the cardinals all breathed lightly for fear of disturbing the gods’ thinking.
"What about the hong merchants and children?" Gu Qingshan asked
"According to your instructions, we sent a heavy guard to the temporary camp where you were detained. Once there is any change, we will try our best to kill it," the Pope said.
"Have they eaten anything?" Gu Qingshan continue to ask
"No," the Pope said.
Gu Qingshan ordered, "Bring those lucky people to see them."
That a few people were taken to the front of Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan glanced at it.
Those rural businessmen don’t know his identity. Seeing that he is surrounded by everyone, he must be a big shot.
They prostrated themselves and said things like begging for mercy.
The child was a little ignorant until he saw the merchants begging for mercy and followed suit.
"There is no problem with their identity?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Yes, we have made a joint investigation with the Southern Empire. They are all local merchants, and there is no problem in their birth, family composition, tracks over the years, records of goods sales and taxes," the Pope said.
"What about the child?"
"There is no question that it is indeed a local person."
Gu Qingshan looked at those people and suddenly asked strangely, "What do they look very hungry?"
The Pope’s heart andao, isn’t that what you ordered? Now you’re asking-wait, did the gods mean it?
The Pope replied in awe, "Because these people can actually benefit from the sacrifice, I am glad that I have not given them food for fear of unpredictable problems."
"It’s been two days. How can this stand?" Gu Qingshan sighed.
He said to his side, "Go and give them some of our dinner."
The knight beside him went out.
a few minutes later
The knight came in with a big pot of steaming noodles and divided the tableware for these people
"Eat up, and I’ll send someone to take you back to your home. You are all lucky people who have escaped this disaster."