Lilin micro-arms are floating around in the base of Melter.

Qianlin saw the’ body’ of the melter.
But at that moment, the fluffy ball that saw it was melted by the high temperature.
But there are many micro-arms in this place, and they are investigating the environment of the whole area everywhere.
Now Lin already knows the overall situation of this place.
This is quite a big place.
Lin found that the whole was divided into many areas. At first, Lin saw the area with sleeping frits.
There are many rooms in these areas, all of which are about 100 meters long, wide and high.
Then there is …’ property warehouse’
The environment of this place is similar to a cave, but it is much larger than the clinker sleeping room. There are three of them, all of which are several kilometers in size.
There are a lot of … creations made of frits, some cutting-edge technologies.
In addition, there are all kinds of interesting and powerful weapon structures that have been’ grown’ in the observer frit competition, and so on. These things have been put here by the melter.
Then there is the’ dock’
This is also the largest place of the Melter’s base. It is a place with a length, width and height of 10 kilometers … still like a cave environment.
Here you can see many warships with different sizes of frits lined up neatly, and there is also a big … device at the dock.
Lin thinks it can be called’ catapult’, and it looks like a metal ring.
It can catapult these warships out of the stars in good condition.
And the center of these rooms is where Lin saw the melter before, and it is surrounded by all the rooms.
It seems that this is the overall appearance of the Melter Base … The feeling is relatively simple.
There is no complicated defense system. There are a few things here that are hostile to foreign objects, except the fuser, which is the frits that move around.
There are a lot of frits here that are free to move. Besides sleeping, they will also maintain those warships.
Lin didn’t find anything brought in by the pain bus.
Although the pain bus must have sent something because Lin could feel that it sent something into it when it approached … but so far it has not been found out what it is.
So Lynn decided to continue to try to investigate a melter.
Melter can’t seem to move, so the micro-arms are gathered in a’ material warehouse’
This place has many … objects with normal temperature relative to cellular organisms.
Lynn decided to use these objects as materials to make a stabilizer here.
Because you can’t send anything here at will, you can send arms in at will after you feel this place with stabilizers.
You can also send things out … so that Lin may send the melter out.
Lin can also test whether there are only those frits in the defense force here.
Thinking of Lin has brought the micro-arms together in front of a … something shaped like a metal can.
This pot is more than ten meters high. Lin doesn’t know what it used to do. It’s always a cutting-edge technology hidden here.
Lin found that its material was very suitable for making the stabilizer, so Lin let the micro-arms decompose its shell and drill into it.
The internal structure of this thing … So that’s it. This thing is called’ Xinghui’.