Snow has covered 3 thousand moss, and your feet have been buried in deep snow

She didn’t move.
She wants to see Li Sheng in Nanshan Bell Tower.
But ten monks armed with arhat sticks in the Red Leaf Buddhist Temple stopped her from the mountain.
She doesn’t know whether this way of fighting is boring.
She knows she’s breaking into the arhat array.
Momijiyama, black and white, waited in silence until dusk and then turned mournfully …
Chapter 47 Buddha’s compassion
In the forty-first year of Dayan’s winter, the first snow fell for a whole day
Heavy snow presses pine branches
The wild animals in the mountain forest are ghostly and afraid of the sudden cold. Near the night, there are no birds and animals around quietly, and there is no roaring echo.
There is no moonlight at night.
The earth is a silvery white.
Ali came to Jiming Village, a remote village ten miles away from the mountain.
The village is not that big, and the dim lights in the house are scattered all over the place, which is about a hundred people.
The villagers here never know what rivers and lakes are, and they don’t know what grievances are. They can’t talk about it after dinner. Their heart is that Zhang Laosan lost his circle yesterday and was accidentally caught as game by Wang’s neighbors …
The first snow in the winter of Dayan forty-one years
At night, a woman in black came quietly from Jianghu in Jiming Village.
The woman’s look is indifferent, close to indifference.
Her eyebrows were dyed with snow, and she had a short blade in her hand.
Ali is a dead assassin in the shogunate of Yan Nanfei, the ninth emperor of Dayan Empire. She is an elite guest in Nanfei. She is determined to follow her sister’s footsteps. She receives harsh and painful training, and she is exposed to darkness and blood. Killing people is the simplest and best thing for her, even simpler than eating and sleeping.
Sometimes Yan Nanfei has been sickly since childhood, and Ali has spent more time than Ling Er.
After being ordered to go to Blade Cher’s side to be a personal servant girl, Ling Er has been caring for the sisters. All the lucky girls in this generation are bathed in sunshine and breezes, and the embroidery workers are dancing and writing.
I don’t know that Ali, who has grown up, wants to be her sister to meet the fierce sun and snow.
She is no long that little girl who used to cry every storm.
In those dark years, she stepped on the peak of the corpse mountain and finally became a guest of her sister’s level flying south.
She used to be a poor beggar on the roadside.
Then I met the benefactor who reborn her.
So she is no longer a good person.
She never considers herself a good person.
She is indifferent.
Yeah, it used to make her sister indifferent to the world.
In addition to my sister being regarded as a benefactor and Yan Nanfei, there may be life. In Ali’s eyes, the whole world can be dead!
Ali is dressed in black and holding a cold light. Outside the window, there are three generations of grandparents and grandchildren.
An old woman who is over 70 years old has a docile daughter-in-law and a naughty grandson who is only about 10 years old.
The pillar of the family has been in the army for a year and has not been heard from.
The sensible daughter-in-law pondered that her mother-in-law was wearing thin clothes, and when the snow cleared up, she led the children to the county to add a cotton-padded coat to her mother-in-law.
When a child’s father is not at home, he should always do his duty of filial piety.
Daughter-in-law cleans dishes and chopsticks
The old woman leaned on a stick to boil water around the stove.
Ten-year-old grandson secretly knocked on the door when he saw the snow, hoping to play with the snow while his mother was not paying attention.
The child looked at his beautiful and strange aunt dressed in black with his head held high in front of a childish door.
"Mother has a beautiful aunt."
Busy tidying up tables and chairs, Xiao Niang hurried out.
Then I saw the child in the snow in front of the door.
The child’s face is covered with wet blood.
It’s like a bolt from the blue. Little Niang is not sad yet. Ali has already put the little Niang’s neck with a short blade of blood in his hand.
"There is a Hongye Mountain Temple ten miles away. If you don’t want to die, go and ask for a mountain in the temple."
In the middle of the night, there was no tragic cry in Jiming Village, but many people were quietly poured out.
In the snow in front of the door
Ali is calm as usual
Light footsteps, snow marks, she wandered the village like a ghost.
The short blade in his hand seems to be dripping blood, and it is like her footsteps in the falling snow.
Desperate pace
It’s already late at night