Raise my hand, thunderous, and instantly press three people.

If this Jade Jinger can make Junshan, they have some psychological preparations, but the blue-and-white elder is really a nine-story star! They are the best among the monks, and they were instantly made without resistance!
Feeling the surging mountains and seas around, many practitioners are already in a dark shock. It is no wonder that Yan Fei Xue and Mu Yan Xie failed to break the snake ring around them.
I didn’t expect this Yujing son to be able to adjust such a strong gas capacity!
And these four Xionghou Zhou’s air capacity doubts prove that Yujinger is powerful, and at the same time, it proves that he is indeed a misty rain pavilion. Who but the misty rain pavilion can adjust such a magnificent mountain and sea air capacity without reaching the sovereign territory?
At this moment, Yu Jinger has come to’ bow down’ Junshan, and the three of them look down almost contemptuously at the human beings whose feet are shivering. He hummed with satisfaction, "~ This is the humble gesture you ants should have when you talk to the young master!"
His eyes swept away in panic and retreated. His whole body was beating proudly. "I am the strongest in the history of misty rain pavilion in heaven and your mouth. Remember! No one is the strongest. "
"God?" Everyone seems a little puzzled by this strange title.
While the Dragon Master Huang held down the evil spirit of Mu Yan, who was about to draw his sword, and he was also ready to swallow Yukine’s way: "I can feel the unpredictable strength of Yujing’s son, so don’t make a hasty move."
After the Dragon Master Huang said this, Mu Yan’s evil suddenly occurred to him that the wonderful Shui Rou deacon once said,’ This … If you are not to be taunted in the future, don’t take a reason, don’t gamble, and don’t hurt your life …’
Thought of here, his black knife slowly returned to its sheath, and at the same time, he told Yan Fei-xue and Long Shi-huang about the past, and then they chose to bear it for the time being.
At the moment, Yu Jinger is still arrogant, saying, "After I came to the mountains and seas, my father was afraid that I would accidentally crush you ants who claimed to be genius, so I was trapped in the mountains … Hum ~ Otherwise, I would have seized your secret path."
"So you call yourself an enemy?" Although Mu Yan’s evil is forbearing, he has a problem with his heart.
Although Yujinger’s gas capacity is vigorous, he knows it is difficult to defeat, but the strongest suspect in his heart is Yun Jian South.
Chapter 445 Jade Peking Opera All the people take Luo Yu to death row.
"So you call yourself an enemy?"
Wood Yan evil forbear to ask.
"Isn’t it?" Jade Jing son looked at him and smiled dismissively. "Hum ~ black knife is evil, isn’t it?" You are a good loser in this group of waste ~ "
He sighed and flicked his fingertips with purple arrogance and smelly fart. "The enemy is lonely. You losers will never understand this feeling of peak loneliness and emptiness. I don’t have the slightest interest in you humans. Maybe I will play a little game with you and crush your arrogant arrogance with a flick of my fingers. Maybe this will make the young master get a little pleasure and let you go. I hope that your trembling heart will burn a little to beat my fighting spirit."
Then he glanced at the disciples and grinned at them. "Oh, now … is the game ready?"
The monks looked at Yu Jinger, who was kneeling in front of her, and the three of them were already afraid.
Outside the canyon mouth
When the disciples saw Yujing’s inquiry before the ring of the giant monument, it seemed that they could neither promise nor say a word of no.
Don’t say whether they have the ability to beat each other, even if they can, they can’t help it! After all, it’s not comparable to them that the other party is in a misty rain pavilion with less master status and detached world.
At this time, outside the Purple Razer Ring of the monasteries, there was a slight disdain for ridicule.
"Since you want to play a game, how can you lose me?"
Everyone heard that they looked back and looked at people.
See Luo Yu and others have landed step by step.
"It’s Luo Yu!"
"They are not afraid dead? I dare to go straight to the cage and take the initiative to send the door! "
"Hey ~ should you still tolerate us? Should not be dead, maybe there is a chance. "
Obviously, the speaker is a white man.
Yu Jing’s son has seen Luo Yu and others outside his snake ring, and he suddenly smiled more excitedly.
He took the left hand arc right hand holding LeiJi pointed to the feather "feather ~! I’m waiting for you. Dare you enter my purple thunder snake ring? "
Luo Yu looked around and then smiled and regarded Yu Jinger as "Dare?"
Then he told the people behind him to "wait outside."
And just looking back, he didn’t forget to blink at White Love Star and others, which obviously has no meaning.
Bai Lianxing nodded knowingly and urged "Be careful"
Los feather smile turned and has stepped in.
See los feather can see these dozens of zhangs high purple into the practice immediately white this purple Razer ring is Xu Jin is not allowed to go out.
But are you stupid? We were dying to get out, but you delivered the door yourself!
Looking at the eyes did not enter their own purple Razer ring white love star and others are scattered, but Yu Jing’s son smiled dismissively and looked at the purple Razer ring.
He put all eyes into his eyes, flicked his hands, cheered, jumped and waved his arms, and swept away the three of you like a dead dog. Then he said slowly, "The rules of the game are very simple. Some of you took my stone stage and asked you to hand it over. I can let you die when you leave another wick …"
Then he looked at the eyes, dodged, frightened, retreated, and shrugged. "Of course, I have always been kind and fair. You can also choose the person you think is the most suspicious, but … if your candidate doesn’t have a stone stage, he will die. At the same time, I will randomly choose a lucky one. He will join hands with the dead, hahaha ~ Is it fun to stab? Oh ~ by the way, the selected person can also choose to challenge me. If I win, I can leave. If I lose, you will all die … Oh ~ I am so perfect! "
At this time, the crowd was already surprised. Obviously, the stone platform in Yujinger’s mouth is very important.
One person asked doubtfully, "What kind of stone stage is Pavilion? I have to know the situation, right? "
"Good question!" Yujinger clapped her hands and said, "The square shape is less than two feet wide and plain as a stone."
The man had some misgivings and asked, "But if the stone platform in your mouth doesn’t wait for us, it’s a final decision?"
"Yes!" Many repairs echo.
Others pointed out that outside the purple Razer ring, it was like playing a monkey at the theater. Fairy spirits lived in the magic palace and others didn’t say, "What if we wait in their hands?"
"Yes, since it is fair, it should be everyone!"
Luo Yu saw the ugly face of all directions and ridiculed in his heart that’ human nature is ugly, which is also disgusting and sad. Since Yu Jinger can let others out, he naturally assumes that the stone stage is here’
Sure enough, Yujing’s son was sure that "Little Master determines the stone stage … just among you"
This statement was outstanding and asked again.
And Luo Yu recalled that Yu Jinger said to herself that’ I am waiting for you’! It is likely that this jade Beijing son has guessed that the stone platform is his body. After all, he has seen this jade Beijing son’s’ dog nose’ sensitive and tight!
I have refined the essence and blood of the real dragon, and he can smell the dragon ridge. What about the stone platform?
At this time, although he looked like an ancient well behind the crowd, he secretly wondered,’ Is this Jade Jinger looking for that stone platform?’
Obviously, the stone platform that Yujinger refers to is just him at the moment, but as Yujinger said, the stone platform is plain and he wants it again? This stone stage is also divided into two parts: Yujinger, which means there is something strange in that stone stage!
Is the stone stage really connected with the red thunder honour person?
At this time, Yujing’s son has put out the arc beating index finger point to the side of a broken stone.
Seeing the stone grow out of a slender purple stream about a foot, he pointed and said, "When the stream is exhausted, one person will go out."
Looking at the’ zi zi’ glow, the purple is slowly shortening, and the atmosphere is tense for a moment.
At the moment, the fat ancestors in the disguised crowd have quietly moved to Luo Yu’s side and asked, "What is he looking for a stone platform for?"